Best Women's Outdoor Shoes 2015

Best Women’s Outdoor Shoes 2015

Outdoor shoes for women Are you absolutely love to play tennis together with your friends and girlfriends out in the open? The selection of outdoor shoes for ladies offers a wide range of functional models, so you can get on the field with style. Especially when you play tennis outside, it is important with footwear, […]

Indoor Tennis Shoes for Ladies

Where to Buy Indoor Tennis Shoes for Ladies

Indoor tennis shoes for ladies If you are a woman with great passion for tennis you should consider to take a closer look at the collection of indoor tennis shoes for ladies. With a pair of indoor shoes have you for the chance to play your favourite sport all year round without being limited by […]

Shoes and Yellow Dress

What Color of Shoes to Match with Yellow Dress

The tanned skins are spectacular with yellow dresses, this color is ideal especially for the summer season. But, do you think it’s hard to match the color yellow? It’s not like that! There is a multitude of combinations among which you can choose, always depending on the style of your dress and occasion. In this […]

Shoes for Running

Training & Fitness Shoes

Are you a frequent user of the local fitness center? So if you need a versatile and smart fitness shoes. You can get fitness shoes in a sea of different designs and colors as well as from a wide range of brands via This includes everything from classic Reebok, Nike to Danish Ecco. Characterized […]

Tips for Buying Winter Boots

Tips for Buying Winter Boots

Choose winter boots is sometimes quite complicated: between style and comfort that research, there sometimes … a few feet! Here are 6 criteria to facilitate our shopping and maintenance tips.

Slippers for Ladies

The Chapín Renaissance, a Shoe of Spanish Origin

Although the towering slippers made glow in the brazen Venice of the 16th century, its origin is clearly Hispanic and Arabic. Let’s start with order. Origins and development of the slippers for ladies The chapines, like shoes for Lady, started to become fashionable in the Court of Felipe II. Despite the simplicity of this time, […]

Over the Knee Boots

Plus Size Over the Knee Boots with Heel

Overknee boots is as the name suggests a pair of long boots and Winter Jogging Boots is abbreviated as WJB according to, if the shaft goes to the knee and in some cases above. The boots originates from the 15th century, where they were used as riding boots for men to provide extra protection […]

Choose Winter Boots

How to Choose Warm Winter Boots

To protect your feet during the long Quebec winter, choosing a good pair of boots is required. Like the head and hands, the feet are part of the ends not to neglect the risk of ending up with frozen feet.

Wedge Heel Boots
Boots Heels Shoes

How to Buy Boots With French Heels

That the long, elegant legs are high is on most women’s wish list. In this passage, boots with French heels is a great help on the way. Wedge heel is one of the hottest trends, and we can only be happy for women. Wedge heel is both fashionable and comfortable. In contrast to the classic […]

Shoes for Women

How to Be Stylish Without Heels

The high heels makes you feel more beautiful and powerful that nobody can deny, but some days we wake up on a vibe plus stripped, beautiful, comfortable to feel at ease, it is possible? Yes! The jump today is almost unanimous in time to assemble a look to enjoy a ballad, but today I came to show […]