Winter Shoes of Bimba & Lola Are Cool! They Are Original and Stylish

If there is one thing that I notice a lot is in the shoes people, if you try to observe a normal day the shoes of the people who walk down the street you will give that it is one of the things harder to find wonders. Many people opt for comfort and many others for simplicity, I am of the opinion that there are to find comfortable shoes but of course also stylish and are the closest thing to the possible trend Although always following the style of each person. This season I love winter Bimba & Lola shoes.

Almost all of them have something special, we found the classic low boots suede and leather but with details how gradients, big buckles, mixture of skins. Also the moccasins with a twist by combining colors and some sandlias very original While in winter do cold it are perfect to combine with socks, tights or stockings. Almost the entire collection is said of the best designers in the world and the prices are not too high, hovering around the $ 180 all them.

These are my favorite because I believe that we have for all occasions and times of the day. It is the male shoe with a very feminine touch in golden color, perfect for work, flat and heeled boots looks suitable for all tastes, sandals with glitter to give you fun point to the outfits and even ankle boots with snood to break and draw attention. All of them very well finished, stylish but not passed very close to the trends that you stick most in other countries at this time.