Weight Dead, Running Shoe and Oats. The Best of Answers HowStuffWorks

We are going to give us a tour of the section of HowStuffWorks answers, to see what questions have the vitonicos and what answers we can give to help them. These days there are many doubts about definition and gain muscle, it shows that we are in full operation bikini… Let’s look at a selection of questions that have arisen in these days:

  • How to improve the grip of the bar to the dead weight?: a reader has problems at the time of grab the deadlift bar. When it gets heavy load note as it cannot close the grip and the bar slides you. Perhaps you can recommend some additional exercise or Council to improve the grip.
  • How to make homemade parallel bars: many people attaches to your home gym. In this case angelgarciia wants to set up a parallel at home and ask for help to learn how to make them.
  • What shoe should I buy to run?: zarius runs about three times per week (45 minutes). You don’t need a superzapatillas, but you’d like to have some for running shoes that are well and not aggravate his mild knee pain. Any advice?
  • How to make oatmeal shakes: flakes, Bran, cereals, milk, yogurt, beaten… guillermooppenheimer wants to introduce oats into their diet and ask how to prepare it. If there is some kitchenettes here, she would welcome you to share your Oatmeal recipes.
  • How eat well if I’m away from home a few days?: leaving home for holidays or work done that we consider ourselves the way in which we are going to eat. Roaster45 doubt is going to a friends house and have no habits say very healthy, especially at dinner. Do advice daríais you for those days, above all for the dinner hour?