We Tested The New Reebok Cardio Ultra: Versatile Slipper for Training Indoor

We have at our disposal a wide range of shoes for running, trail running, Power Walking, for Crossfit-specific… But so far nobody had thought in a specific footwear for the group classes and workouts in the gym. New Cardio Ultra come to fill this void, since they are very versatile for all types of indoor training.

The shoe is designed specifically for high aerobic base training impact, i.e., group or Body Pump and Body Combat classes, and circuit training. Fasten foot perfectly while the ankle is free to be able to make large movements with lots of freedom.

The Cardio Ultra combines elements of a typical shoe’s weight lifting (a solid sole and a good fit in the heel) with others of the slippers for aerobic activities (a good damping achieved with three layers of foam).

Outsole and cushioning

I was struck that are radically different from running, first sneakers because the sole is very rigid and just die-cut. Secondly, and I think that most important, because the buffer is placed in the front of the shoe rather than at the heel. So in order to facilitate exercises with jumping, very numerous in group classes.

The sole has a new element called Turnzone: It consists of a kind of girth on the front part of the foot. This gives us the be able to pivot on the ball of the foot and comfortably do heel turns. Goes very well in classes such as Kickboxing, which must be turned hip printable stronger shock.

What I like least is that the Arch of the Middle foot support seemed very high, at least for me, and that I have very pronounced instep. It is designed to relieve pressure in that area of the foot points. After using them several times I’ve come, but at first it made me quite rare.

The top or upper

The upper is made with the technology Adaptamove, holding well the foot while allowing multidirectional movements. The tongue, which is one of the elements that more often me disturbing, is comfortable since it is made of a kind of neoprene with PlayDry technology: It is very soft and does not move anything.

My experience and my opinion

Personally, I’m used to training with running shoes, so at first to see that such rigid sole thought you wouldn’t like me. I’ve tested them on different workouts: Body Combat, Kickboxing, interval with kettlebell training and training room, and for all they are very comfortable.

  • Good for Group classes and training indoors.
  • I would not use them for aerobic activities as running or not for elliptical training (I tried it and slide soles).
  • The design It’s very nice and like “Street” shoe are also comfortable.

The Reebok Cardio Ultra will be available in the collection Spring/summer 2015, and its price will be 120 euros.

The Reebok Cardio Ultra have been loaned to the test by Reebok. You can consult our policy of relations with companies.