We Have among Us The David Beckham Gazelle Vintage Mid

It was a pitch that was doing wait and is that new shoes from Adidas, inspired by the mythical model Gazelle, they wanted to find better times to see the light and take advantage of its full potential. And either they believed it was the right time, or simply not have been able to wait any longer. Whatever it is, we have among us the new David Beckham Gazelle Vintage Mid.

The shoe is intended to be a model in imitation of the old patents from Gazelle, but with a more retro style, giving aires nautical and in very bright colors. A hybrid that leaves no one indifferent and has, not only with the sponsorship of James Bond, the firm UNDFTD, but it also David Beckham He collaborated in the design of the model and as such we can see his signature in the shoe, down in the last.

It was intended to be the strong line bet ObyO (Originals by Originals) although I do not think that les’s to amortize the entire project, the truth. Put them in three different colors, red, white and blue, a very lightweight leather with little decoration intermediate frame being built: just three stripes, imitating the icon of ObyO, printed on the skin and resembling both texture and the color of the shoe.

And as such, imagine the price, if you already itself the ObyO are expensive, with the signing of David Beckham and the bass drum and cymbal have been giving them, will not be low. Indeed, for the fee of 199 euros We can get with this unique model, halfway between a yacht and the original Gazelle.