Using Thin Nozzle Black Sneakers and Grosso

The sneaker is the most practical and comfortable shoe wardrobe of a woman. There are numerous color models, and prints possible to find in a sneaker and can match it to use on several occasions. One of the most popular types of shoes worn by women is the black sneaker. This model home very well in environments such as work, or in more formal events. Although many feel that not, yes it is possible to combine a sneaker with more formal clothes.

This is not to say that all should be used only in such an environment. There are many models of solid black sneakers props that give a charminho the piece, making it ready to be used at any time. Many women have questions about how to combine the black sneaker, so vinhemos here to help you to produce to party, to him more formal event, or to work, using his black sneaker. Come on?

Black Sneakers at Work

How a professional environment, you should dress discreetly. Our tip is to combine a classic black sneaker with pants tailoring, shirt and blazer, is a great choice for this type of environment. If you prefer, replace the tailored pants with a long skirt, it is also a very professional look or want of a relaxed opt for pants skinny black combines very well with the foot and does not take away the formality of your look.

Black Sneakers Events Formal

A good tip to use this sneaker event type is combine it with little tube dress style. It is very chic and classic perfect for the occasion, the ideal is that the dress length ends above the knee, and is more comfortable to sit without showing too much. If the event is the evening shoe need not be so classic, use shoes with metallic details, become more sophisticated, and they are very beautiful!

Black Shoes in the Club

In ballad ta released in this environment the intention is to dress up and then raze you can abuse sneakers with rhinestones, metal, brightness and so on. Combine with short dresses or shorts high waist and cropped blouse look beautiful! You can also opt for the one that have a little jump softly, if you dont like creeping sneakers. The will dance the night away with a super beautiful and comfortable look.

Black Sneakers on Day to Day

But one should not restrict the use of this beautiful shoe just these three environments. Sneakers models are different, you can combine with denim shorts or skinny pants with a blouse and more soltinha use in your day will quiet day. Tights are also a great choice, and enjoying the winter ta to arrive, you can combine with skirts collegial style that is trend autumn / winter 2016.