Using Tennis All Star Female Cano Long and Short

You have or have had Tennis All Star? If your answer is no, you do not know what you’re missing! The Tennis All Star is a classic that never goes out of fashion. Comfortable and versatile, they fall right at any time and with any look. You can use your for a ride, at work or even at a party!

Shoes All Star has stripped style and are very comfortable. Combined with a more sporty look and with jeans, shorts, shorts, dresses or skirts. Some people use up to suit in a special party.

Besides the classic barrel and low white rubber soles, brand available on the market various options, models with more relaxed or more random, super suitable for the job. There are options for all ages and genders. Today also do much success the All Star Kids!

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The shoes All Star appeared for over 100 years: in 1908, Marquis Mills Converse founded the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in the United States. After starting the production of canvas shoes, launched the Converse All Star, the first performance shoes for the world basketball. In 1918, the athlete Chuck Taylor used his first All Star.

In the decades of 20 and 30, the partnership with Chuck Taylor intensified until his signature was incorporated into tennis logo. Further, the champion Badminton Jack Purcell designed his shoes, innovative and durable. In 1974, Converse launched the One Star and fell like the skateboarders.

In 1992, Chuck Taylor All Star celebrated 75 years with 500 million pairs sold worldwide! In 2000, Converse launched lines signed collaborations with John Varvatos and Dwyane Wade and continued to innovate without forgetting the spirit of rebellion and originality.


There are many types of All Star for all tastes, ages and needs. Check out some details about the collections available:

Converse Chuch Taylor All Star

Various models, from the classic with white rubber soles, to models with short barrel, medium, high, or type boot, fabric, leather or synthetic, black and white or color with animal print pattern, or other stripes standards, with sequins and glitter.

There are also those who prefer models with higher sole, platform style, with colorful laces without laces with side zipper or buckles.

Converse Jack Purcell

The collection has smaller range of models. Converse Jack Purcell has more casual and classic shoes, ideas for work or leisure. Models are comfortable and most in more neutral colors. Especially the slip on format, ideal for leisure time.

Converse Cons 

This collection makes a connection to the street world, in a wide variety of fabric or suede models with bold design, different colors and comfort. Converse Cons shoes are meant for those who live on skateboards, on the courts playing ball with friends or doing street art on the walls of cities.

Special Collections

Line Special Collections has some special collections, as signed by the American Kenny Anderson skateboarder, combining strength with lightness; the Rubber Chuck, with rubber and monochrome shoes (the outsole has the same color as the rest of the shoe); or John Varvatos, inspired by the rock and created by the artist is one of the main references of the New York-based menswear.


The line kids have a huge variety of colors and models: go from playing the classic model for children to wear comfortable shoes with velcro and side zipper and some in shoe form.

It has variety of colors and children’s prints. The highlight is the line “my first All Star”, which brings this phrase inscribed on the side of the shoe, super delicate models for very young children.

How much?

The price of the All Star varies according to the model and collection. You find the All Star shoes costing R$79.90 to R$249.90. The kids models can be found on average for R$70. On the Internet, you will find shoes for children up to R$39.90. Just search !!!