Using Sapatenis Women

The Sapatenis are super funky and comfortable, it goes very well with looks uncluttered and is ideal for an outdoor walk during the day. Despite having models for men and women, today we talk about female Sapatenis.

They are very versatile, and should only be used with looks for celebrations such as weddings, graduations or gala dinners. But they save the lives of girls who hate jump, but did not want to leave the charm and femininity of hand, and this is what many shoes do, but not the Sapatenis.

They can be very well combined female and despite being more sports, if you use a more discreet model and know match the clothes, you can use the female Sapatenis up to work. But it has much more to do with skinny jeans and a blouse soltinha for a walk in the mall, for example.

If you are one of those who likes a cute, romantic look, you can use with a fluffy dress, but adjusted at the waist with a thin belt. In this case it should not be used with half, or you can choose a half plain pants.

The Sapatenis also combine with slinky dresses and they help to take some of the sensuality of the look. If you have that little tube that marks well the body but does not use for fear of being vulgar, can combine it with a Sapatenis that will give super right.

If you have a piece that combines with other female Sapatenis is the legging, a Sapatenis of leopard with a black legging is a hit.

The shorts also fall very well with Sapatenis, especially for the summer, are super freshly baked pieces, and this is another advantage over Sapatenis tennis. Generally shoes are more full-bodied as they are more suitable for physical activity. The Sapatenis are delicadinhos and are usually made with lighter materials.

So you use the Sapatenis without fear, it is legal to balance the look. Combine Sapatenis more neutral colors more colorful clothes, uncluttered and very strong colors, or even prints.

As for the modest clothing can be combined with colorful and full Sapatenis details.

A hot tips is that Sapatenis is a sequinha piece without volume and without pipe, so you can abuse bulky clothing and frilly pants with large pockets, skirts or flowing dresses.

Socks should be at least three bedrooms, socks do not match Sapatenis, they take the women’s air look. The semi dark pants go well with any color Sapatenis.

Whether for comfort or to give an innovated style, the Sapatenis came with everything to guard female clothing and is a piece that all women should have, it can be salvation in various situations of everyday life.