Ursula Mascaro Spring/Summer 2012: Do Play Ludo?

After seeing an advance, Ursula Mascaro presents the complete collection Spring/summer 2012, of forties-inspired and where live classics updated with new trends in pop. Peep-toe and stiletto heel coexist with designs more disconcerting as oxford of male-inspired designs, medium heel sandals and platforms XXL.



“T” shaped bracelets, elegant and new side skirts see them in sophisticated sandals carved in velvet. They are the main novelties of the luxury line, pieces that combine luxury and exclusivity. Each shoe is adorned with hand-sewn Swarovski crystals.



In this line we can find combination of bright colors, lace, polka dot … all models have platforms XXL that rise up to 18 cm taking exaggeration to heaven, they are new futuristic designs, in the style of Lady Gaga. I do not like me, all too much.

The Polka dot print Air pin up, are divine, perfect to wear with a white dress. A classic summer.

Stiletto heel


The stiletto heel they are gradually gaining more ground and they are becoming the Kings of the collection. You can wear them materials overnight as the giltter, metallic leather, lace, linens and new forms which remind us of the gangster era. A range that is completed with a combination of sling suede and all essential colors this summer.

I have to confess that I just do not get to the point.

Forties Glamour


The stiletto last is developing towards new structures incorporating the classic “T” of the 40’s and tango shoes. Materials such as the cocodirilo and Python are combined with metallic layers and trays in neutral colors like nude. Remind me of the manolos, do not you think?



Tango because their courts as of this dance shoe. The trend of “T” shaped bracelets it extends to the entire collection, as the peep toe acquire a new special personality in special combinations of colors, inviting you to enjoy the summer. They are my favorite.

Soft line


Heels are moderated and sandals purchased a new personality. The lady style is embodied in creations of brightly colored, lace that brings the most romantic side and sexy at the same time, or metallic for evening events, and is that Ursula Mascaro It presents a new line of impeccable cut and maximum elegance.

Beach & Night


Comfortable, flat and with the trend color block for a collection that serves to beautify the feet and the figure in the long summer days. Sandals of Roman-inspired in different colors, carved in Python and mixed with Zebra prints and velvets.

Gangster Festival


The dandy’s male-inspired styles they have become a classic of the collections of Mascaró. On classic lasts in the purest style oxford apply new materials and colours that invite you to renew the wardrobe. They are the models that I am less convinced.


Trending Looks

Trending Looks

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