Travel to Central America

The world consists of an enormous number of beautiful places and an area that has become a popular destination in the form of several different countries, is Central America. This strip of land connects North America with South America. It actually belongs to North America and is thus not its own continent, but the name is often used as if that were the case. Many backpackers, for example, go to Central America on expeditions. Charter trips here from Sweden are not so common even if they occur. Most people thus take scheduled flights to go here.

Destinations and attractions in Central America

According to Countryaah website, Central America consists of 7 states, of which El Salvador is the smallest and Guatemala the largest in terms of population. Nicaragua, on the other hand, is the largest in area. These are the 7 countries:

  • Belize
  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama

In all countries, volcanoes and rainforests are typical features and wildlife is large and varied. Everywhere there are protected nature reserves and cultural areas that belong to the Maya people as well as other Indian tribes. Examples follow below.

  • Tikal in Guatemala
  • Copán and Honduras
  • Caracol and Belize
  • Xunantunich and Belize

Bathing and surfing

Although the culture of Central America is exceptional, it is impossible to escape the temptation of swimming and surfing. The beaches often offer wild, big waves that are a mecca for surfers of all levels. Under the water there are coral reefs and unusual fish (in our eyes) that can be seen thanks to diving. The beaches are divinely beautiful with coconut trees, lagoons, towering mountains in the background and a turquoise blue water. Not infrequently, you can also take a boat and head out to one of the green islands off the coast. In other words, you can experience pure rama paradise in more than one place!

The Native American culture that never dies out

Although the Maya no longer have any power in Central America, the languages ​​consist of the Native American times and their ruined cities and cultures. The peoples of Central America are mixed and have both Spanish and Native American origins in their blood. This is noticeable in both cooking, lifestyle and clothing and not least in nature. The whole strip of land is extremely colorful and the many festivals and markets are full of fabrics, crafts and people who all carry on their own traditions.

The incomparable hospitality

All Central American countries are very well known for being extremely friendly and hospitable. Of course there are exceptions and you should always be on your guard, but overall it is one of the world’s best places to make new friendships.

To travel around Central America

In the 7 different countries, it is easiest and cheapest to get there by bus. The train network is in some cases and in some countries completely non-existent, and if you want to get there faster, you have to choose domestic flights. However, one should keep in mind to be careful in all Central American countries, even if crime has receded in some places. Take care of your valuables and do not go out alone after dark – at least not in the suburbs of big cities or the shady neighborhoods.


Before boarding the plane to Central America, be sure to get vaccinated against a number of diseases. Keep in mind that you will arrive in a tropical climate with all kinds of insects, spiders and animals and therefore it is important to protect yourself. Vaccinations against hepatitis A, yellow fever, hepatitis B and typhoid are recommended, especially if you are going to stay in the countries for a long time.

Travel to Central America