Tours to Switzerland

Those who wish to book tours to Switzerland should prepare for maximum immersion in the original culture of this beautiful country, in the perfect combination of a measured flow of life and natural charm. Holidays in Switzerland are multifaceted, like this whole small original country, which in a small area was able to accommodate many historical and cultural attractions, nature reserves and national parks.

The prestige factor is the biggest feature of the holiday, a tour operator in Switzerland: prestigious hotels with luxury rooms, excellent restaurants with dishes from all cuisines of the world, respectable ski resorts Grindelwald, Engelberg, Gstaad with impeccable slopes. A visit to Bern, Geneva, Lausanne with their famous sights, magnificent castles and the most prestigious places for evening leisure and successful shopping will make your vacation in this small country an unforgettable journey into the country of royal comfort and measured well-being.

Currency: franc (CHF)

Language: German, French, Italian, Romansh

Capital: Bern

“Switzerland!.. There the world is like behind a fence;
The horn sounds, the streams sing freely,
In the mountains, as in a bowl, the lakes are deep,
The light is on the hills, in the valleys there is shade with coolness
, And above all the icy peaks,
Now pale, now fiery-alive!
F.I. Tyutchev

It is well known that Swiss quality can be synonymous with the highest world standards, and this applies not only to the production of watches, cheese and chocolate, or the reliability of banks – the magnificent resorts of Switzerland attract the most demanding tourists. The beauty and diversity of Switzerland’s natural landscapes are unique – here you can find a holiday for every taste. Expensive and prestigious ski resorts – such as Davos, St. Moritz and Zermatt, or more democratic – Gstaad, Verbier and Interlaken. Summer resorts unique in their idyllic charm, spread out on the shores of the famous Lake Geneva. The cultural and economic centers of the “French” part of the country are Geneva and Lausanne, the serene Mont Pelerin or the “pearl of the Swiss Riviera” – Montreux. Enchanting cruciform Lake Lucerne, located in the “German” Switzerland, or “Italian” Lugano, standing on the lake of the same name. Zurich is the historical and economic center of the country, combining ancient architecture and amazing landscapes, and the wonderful Swiss capital – the “most flowery city” Bern. And these are just a few sketches of an amazing country, which you can discover endlessly – returning here again and again…

Swiss holidays
January 1 – New Year.
January 2 – St. Berthold’s Day
January 6 – Epiphany or the Feast of the Three Wise Men
August 1 – National Holiday (Confederation Day)
September 24 – Grape
Harvest Festival December 11 – Escalade Festival in Geneva
December 25 – Christmas.
December 26 – Christmas time (St. Stephen’s day).

Swiss cheese and Swiss chocolate
According to A2zgov, Swiss cheese was first mentioned in the 1st century AD. in the notes of the historian Pliny the Elder, who calls it “Helvetian cheese”. Today, Switzerland is famous for cheese production all over the world and produces such a variety of cheeses that it is simply impossible to list them, while all of them (as, indeed, everything that is produced in Switzerland) are of high quality. This is the famous cheese “Gruyères” (Gruyères), produced in the district of the same name in the canton of Friborg, and the soft cheese “Vacherin Mont d’Or Suisse”, and the exquisite “Tête de Moine”, which is served in a thinly sliced ​​form in the form of rosettes, and perforated “Emmental” (Emmentaler), and many other varieties.
As famous as the cheese is Swiss chocolate – although cocoa trees do not grow here. In 1876, the Swiss Daniel Peter first made chocolate with the addition of powdered milk, which in turn was invented by his friend, the chemist Henry Nestle, who later founded the world-famous Nestle company today. In addition to milk chocolate, Switzerland also developed a technology for making hard chocolate, and by the end of the 19th century, Switzerland was already experiencing a real chocolate boom. Today, Swiss chocolate is famous all over the world, and the average Swiss eats up to 12 kg of this wonderful product every year. The most famous chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland are: the François Louis Caillier factory, founded in 1816 and starting to produce chocolate bars; the factory of Philippe Suchard, who invented the apparatus for mixing cocoa mixtures; Jean Tobler,


Flims-Laax-Falera, which make up the resort, is Flims, Laams and Falera – a retro-Roman linguistic and cultural region of the Surselva (in the Anterior Rhine valley), in the canton of Graubünden. They are on a sun-drenched plateau high above the Rhine Gorge. Each of the three towns is designed for a specific group of guests. Flims offers a wide network of hiking and cross-country skiing trails, as well as numerous wellness hotels. Thanks to the many buildings that belonged to the aristocracy, Falera has retained the charm of a mountain Grisons village – this, as well as a quiet, sunny location, made the resort ideal for families with children. Laax attracts snowboarders from all over the world with its 235 km of pistes stretching over 100 sq. km of snowy slopes – this is Crap Sogn Gion: the three resorts of Flims-Laax-Falera, together they form one of the largest integrated ski areas in Switzerland. In summer, Flims, Laax and Falera offer a huge area for outdoor enthusiasts.


Geneva is a city in Switzerland, the capital of the canton of Geneva. The history of Geneva dates back many centuries: already in 120 BC, a fairly developed city founded by the Celts existed on this site – then it was called “Genava”. The place where Geneva is located is somewhat separated from the rest of the country: it is connected to the “rest” of Switzerland by a lake and a narrow strip of land, and on the other sides there are territories belonging to France.

Tours to Switzerland