5 must if you are in Split

A holiday in Split is not just sun and swimming, there are lots of things to explore once you are in place. Split is Croatia’s second largest city and has as many historic buildings as it has places of charm. It is a fairly compact city and the best way to get there is to walk. It is also in that way that you can experience everything that the city has to offer. You can of course also rent a bike to get around.

In any case, there is a lot to do in Split and here are 5 must-haves for those who want to discover this Croatian gem.

Look into Diocletian’s palace

This ancient palace dates back to ancient times and is located in Split. Its origins date back to the 200s AD when Emperor Diocletian decided to have a stately building of about 30,000 square meters erected. This has made the palace one of the largest, most valuable buildings in the world and the people of Split are of course proud of it. Diocletian’s Palace is relatively well preserved and is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Several scenes from the Game of Thrones series have been recorded right here, so bring your camera

Cycling in Marjan Park

On the hill in Split is a beautifully decorated and designed city park, where you can cycle if you feel like renting a bike. Of course you can walk, but you should bring good shoes and a large water bottle because it feels good in the legs. Once at the top, you are rewarded with an adorable view of the Adriatic Sea and the city of Split. Perfect exercise for a morning and later in the afternoon you can pull down to the beach and take a cooling dip.

Go to the market

It is not a holiday in Southern Europe unless you have visited a market. The same goes for Split. The most famous is the fish market on Marmontova where you can look at all the delicacies of the sea, beautifully laid out in the fish stalls. Right next door is the traditional fruit and vegetable market. You get to recognize it if you come by plane because that is where the airport buses stop. Next to this market there is also an interesting clothing market where you can find bargain prices.

Take a sailing trip with the traditional Croatian boats

At Riva, which is the port area in Split, a number of boats go out to the islands and beyond. There you can enjoy a dinner, an ice cream or just stroll around. But one thing you should not miss, is to take a sailing trip with the traditional boats that take travelers out to sea or around the archipelago. One of them goes to the island of Ciovo and there are also several others, on which you can eat and drink during the little mini cruise.

Take a day trip to Krka National Park

Waterfalls, green oases and a clear blue water: Yes, in the Krka nature reserve it can seem as if you are in a mini version of the Niagara Falls and the nature is adorable. An excellent day trip for romantic couples or for the family who wants to see something different for a day. You can take the bus to Krka in the morning and home again in the late afternoon. The excursion costs from about 20 euros / person if you book a package price, but you can also buy your own ticket and get around on your own. Another idea is to rent a car. Do not forget the swimwear!

5 must if you are in Split