Three Trends in the Business Lounge of the Minas Trend

The Minas Trend is, without doubt, the main business lounge sets from Brazil. The event, held in Belo Horizonte, bringing together more than 200 brands from different segments, presenting their novelties to retailers–national and international–and the press. The MW is also a great thermometer to understand key trends and make our bets than really promises to win the streets next season.

And the 19th edition of the Minas Trend presented the news for the next winter. During four days, our team rode the halls of the fair in search ofthree trends that stood out. The result you see in the video below. Give the play!

We believe that:

The Loafer is the shoe of the coming winter. Everybody wants comfort, right? And for a change the shoes, moccasin, oxford and even beloved boots, footwear of the loafer, which resembles a bedroom slipper. His best is the convenience-just stick the foot and ready! -and also the style–he adds information sets the visual in the Act. Footwear appears in different versions, but our favorites are the metallic. Who will want to use?

The winter will be fun. Fashion doesn’t have to be boring. Colors and funny accessories need not appear only in the summer. And the proof of this is that most brands specializing in handbags and accessories have invested in items with a touch of fun to the next winter. Who reigns are the fruits that appear both in clutches sophisticated (highlighted by lush models of Isla), as in earrings and chokers perfect to get the visual monotony.But beyond them, dolls, animals and even camera promise to illustrate the parts and leave the cooler winter.

Winter without jacket is not winter. And the bombers are the darlings of the time. Short or maxi, they gained applications, embroideries and prints only. Perfect for the climate of Brazil, which features mild temperatures, they bring a touch and current sports for the visual. It’s going to be difficult to choose just one…