This Summer Set a DIY E Inspire You in Prada and Marni for Your Jewel Sandals

Summer comes and my feet ask for clemency. Why mimo them and take care of wearing them during the day with flat sandals that I be comfortable and perfect to battle it out for hours and hours. But make no mistake, We always want to be perfect and many times this type of footwear does not give that different touch that often are looking for. And suddenly Wham! you fall in love Sandals but that love falls sharply to the see your price.

The inspiration

So I went to see the Marni model where the strips of skin candy is dressed with stones in XXL. They were simple, Super, comfortable and with that distinct touch and cool to I was looking for. Although its price was not something that I liked and with which He could battle it out. What do? As give it me the first not going with me, the best is take a look at the DIY running through the network and make your own Marni…

Your own model, step by step

In this way, and from the blog Honestly WTF, they propose a Home version This model is so great. The necessary materials? A few Sandals that do not use or that the We want to decorate for that to become the top top of our wardrobe. In addition, the most essential are XXL Crystal stones (nowadays in many places we can find this type of material) and extra strong glue.

The thing is simple and quick, We must just be clear where we put each of the pieces. Once clear, proceed to attach them with glue.

As the paste our fingers to Sandals not cool, the best is to use tongs for that do you force While glue dries.

With a little trace and patience, in less than sing a rooster you will have your own improved version and much cheaper. What do you think?

Photos | Honestly WTF

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