The Sneaker Sports Are Again Elitist: Nike Air Force 1

Sports footwear has definitely gone to another level. Collections such as Yohji Yamamoto or of Fendi They show it. Brands specialising in this sector continue to improve their proposals and releases aimed at the target sport mingle with those who want their peers to dress. Nike is the main brands and returns it to demonstrate.

So the degree of perfection and specialisation in this time in society that the pipe brand has decided to launch a few months ago a service in which you can choose to detail will contain what your chosen pair. Every material, every design. Personal design is raised to the maximum level.

But all this has an against. Nobody gives tough to pesetas, and who wants a service as well, have to pay it and the move comes not exactly cheap. By no small amount of $850, a few 664 EUR approximately, you can go to a Nike Store and ask for the Bespoke service (bespoke) to enjoy all the possibilities that this implies.

This option can be found now in New York located Nike shop in Mercer St. It is the first which has the possibility, since it is different from the customization service which is offered by the web)Nike ID).

To enjoy the end result must wait two months, date in which the pair is received at home. The result for the photos is spectacular, own a pair of the best brand. But apparently, this service has a huge drawback: you do not measure the foot to adjust the shoe, and if after pay such amount, the most logical thing is not met, then a service falls under its own weight.