The Risks of Training with Flip Flops Footwear

The heat is a constant in these summer months, temperatures are are exactly what make us to reduce the amounts of clothing that we use. This also applies to footwear, and especially to decision taking many who attend the gym to use footwear for anything appropriate, the flip flops. Therefore we want to review the main problems that has for us the use of the footwear in training.

It is true that flip-flops allow us to have the most airy foot and thus prevent excessive sweating that often occurs in training. At first glance it may seem a comfortable footwear for sport, but you can lock up after themselves a series of disadvantages that with the passage of time can pass us invoice. First of all must have in mind that using flip-flops in training is the less hygienic way of working, to be the foot in the air it follows sweating and this sweating may accumulate in the toes do not have a garment that absorbing it causing some other disorder in our feet.

This accumulated sweating is precisely which makes the flip flops an unstable footwear for our foot, as a general rule the material with which they are made is rubber, rubber or similar fibers that enter in contact with sweat will eventually slide and create a high instability in our feet. This instability of the tread is which will make that not feel us insurance in training, since feet are a crucial anchor in many exercises that we can not destabilize this way.

Using flip-flops, the feet are much more loose, since most of them are fastened with two strips that are tucked between the toes. This freedom of movement on foot you can make us lesionemos much easier, since we will make false movements that will end up in a sprain or strain. The foot must be always subject, and therefore it is necessary that we use closed and tied sneakers that keep us the subject standing. In addition, this type of footwear is a security measure if we hit with any machine in the gym or if we dropped over a dumbbell or a disk.

If we use flip flops because of high temperatures because it is impossible to bear slippers, we can opt for sport options adapted for the summer months. It is of completely open shoes, that will keep the foot secure and protected, while airs us them. To this must be added the sole, that general rule in flip-flops on flat and not absorb impacts, as do those of shoes that are much more thick and comfortable.