The Pony Hair Slip on or Slippers with Hair. Yes or No?

“Hair on shoes? But what are telling me? “, that was more or less my reaction to seeing that the” pony hair slip on from Céline they were taking the street thanks to the replica of Zara – against must say that clone them was sucked-, but when the trend continues, expands and seems to have no date of expiration, the thing becomes dark brown.

Not only black shoes from Zara have conquered bloggers of the world, nor the slip on from Celine have made their own neither more nor less than Milk Studios o Lincoln Center during the last week of the fashion of New York, if not that Steven Madden It has decided to launch its own furry slippers with Leopard print, Leopard, great idea! Of course, because all it is known that the Leopard is one of the prints more than fashion from ago who knows how many seasons. By Madden.

Not are you but I already look at my feet and I think what will be his next victim, would be the? Birkenstock?, would perhaps Sandals yeti or the pony hair slip on this post?, or maybe the latest model of Celine patterned plastic bag to pictures of a lifetime? Who knows.


Maruti | Bloom Hairon | Loafers

Maruti | Bloom Hairon | Loafers