The Most Eye-Catching Shoes This Winter: a Model for Every Type of Woman

For which you feel predilection for footwear, as in my case, I wanted to make this post with a selection of designs that have seemed most striking this winter. There are high-end shoes such as a Christian Louboutin or a Patricia Rosales from average price signed by Paco Gil.

The spectacular shoe that opens this post is signed by Christian Louboutin, by the way, in a spectacular campaign by photographer Peter Lippmann. The unmistakable red sole accompanies a very ornate design but can be defined with one word: spectacular. The combination of bronze and Golden in punta, platform & heels tacks, leave no one indifferent … definitely a shoe for a female fashionista you like shine at parties.

Special materials designed for the women seeking to make a difference. And it is that if you get a pair of shoes like these, your feet will make the difference. Delicate lace covering the skin with aires lingerie or that they desestructuran completely to create laced gently covering the instep, but only on one side. A kind of game of masks brought the world of shoes, also signed by Mascaro.

For the most daring women, pythons, snakes and various animal print designs have become perfect fit. I mascaró proposed for this kind of woman, attractive and sophisticated designs to draw attention there where step. Fabrics like pony hair, suede, Python, napa, or several of them mixed, form one of the boldest lines and, at the same time, female.

If you’re a loving woman of the retro style, I recommend this striking model of ASOs combining blue with one of prints which trendsetters this season, houndstooth pattern. A model that combines perfectly with a pair of jeans or a black dress, brings a different touch to the look.

Seems to be a normal loot, but I liked this design for the originality of the Court covering the heel and finished in zip. A provocative booty for women who want to feel sexy, with metal, synonymous with sensuality and aires rockers pencil heels. It is signed by brand United Nude.

This ankle-boot from Paco Gil It is easier to match than any of the previous ones. We must also find a striking model as well as discreet. And this shoe is, since the combination of platform, heels and upper air, resulting in a piece very sophisticated, suitable for discrete but loving women of elegance.

To look at night the Black It is the simplest and the most helpful to combine. In this tone creations are endless, but I’ll stick with these proposals. The first is of Nine West, a pierced ideal sandal for the nights longer, chic and nightlife to party all this Christmas. Its platform and the heels of vertigo, you rise tor areachable heights.

The designer Patricia Rosales It does not create shoes, but works of art. When we speak of the patricians, we introduce us in a luxury-laden world, through modern and urban, and especially very exclusive proposals because they are designs that we cannot see in any store. They are limited and only suitable for cards with a great background. If what you want is to look for exclusivity, you’ll get it with these designs.

Laced by way of sandal, with bracelet included and details of stras on the platforms, is the most risky proposition of Sacha London, a firm that always tends to the classic but that it is elegant. Ideal for that not like excess.

For futuristic women, What is are exaggerated platforms and wedges. Designs very daring, little sophisticated but suitable for those who want to feel like Lady Gaga. I mascaró is responsible for this model.