The Kawasaki Shoes Are Allied with Color Block for This Summer

Ago already several seasons that the signature of sneakers sports Kawasaki He began to live a second youth. These iconic shoes of the 70’s, especially in the Scandinavian countries, took advantage of their air revival at the ideal time, landing on the market several seasons ago just when the vintage has become the main trend to follow.

Their designs are always quite similar, the truth who do not enjoy much variety, but that design as simple and minimalist ideals make them as footwear to complement to the looks fresh and summery, Perhaps there lies the secret of his success.

Where if we find variety is in stamping and colorful, and especially this season where the more intense colours and acids they take prominence in what has been called the color block, or what is the same, the combination of different colors fluorine in a same look.

The Danish firm (not, isn’t Japanese) proposes several models for this season to each more striking and intense, from the Apple green to Orange more acid, although personally I would stay with the cover image, and is that these shoes despite seem very simple seem to me the most interesting for summer.

By the way and as anecdotal, tell you that this shoe was designed from the beginning to play to the Badminton that is why they have that peculiar reinforcement both in the part of the heel and the toe and on the inside.