The History of High Heels

Although one does not know exactly who created the high heel, it is possible to find a primitive version in the murals of ancient Egypt dating to 3500 BC, and footwear used only by the upper classes.

During the Middle Ages, a kind of footwear with wooden soles appeared, considered the true precursor of high heels. The function of these heeled shoes was to keep away from the mud and other detritus of the streets the expensive and fragile materials of the low footwear that were worn by the nobility.

Then, in Turkey, around the year 1400, the chopine , platform-type shoes that became popular all over Europe, being used only by women. Some high -heeled shoes were so high that the women needed sticks or the help of the servants to stand. The Venetians, in turn, were responsible for transforming the piece and making it more luxurious, being a symbol of status, wealth and social standing.

Around 1500, the footwear began to be made in two separated parts, a more flexible upper part and a lower one of hard and soft sole. At that time, this model of high-heeled shoe was spread by knights, both men and women, who used it for riding. Then, more elegant and elegant heels came on the scene and one of the people responsible forpopularizing the high heel as fashion was Catherine de Medici, wife of King Henry II of France, who ordered her shoes from an Italian artisan.

King Louis XIV was also responsible for popularizing the high-heeled shoe, and decreed that only the high nobility could make use of this footwear, the model being a symbol of luxury and power .

With the revolution, in 1971, the jumps lost strength, returning as fashion only around 1800 and spreading throughout America. Between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the most diverse jumps were seen at the feet of Hollywood stars, which contributed immensely to its popularization.

The High Jump In The Present Days

Nowadays, the heel shoe, for sure, is an indispensable item in any woman’s closet. For the most discreet and basic women, a good and classic  scarpin with high heel  is the ideal footwear, therefore, it combines with everything from dresses to more social looksto work-and gives an up on any production.

For the more daring and modern women, putting on a production with an anabela sandal with braided heel  is the right request for fresh and summery looks.

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