The Fishnet Stockings

Irreverence. Attitude. Identity. These are words read and heard often when it comes to fashion. We’re in a moment where the quest for individuality has been observed in a constant effervescence.

Opinion leaders note that it is important to reveal to the general public the coolest fashion: she’s a free territory. We see many of those rules and taboos fall into disuse, while freedom of expression and plurality of trends speak louder with each new post seen around.

It’s not because an item has become a trend that you will use, but this movement makes us open to head for various things. And the fishnet stockings with certainty goes into that group of “hot deals” of the season, despite split opinions.

The can-can dancers were the great responsible for immortalizing the play, after Madonna showed that the pop world also flirted with this visual “subversive”. And now, almost 40 years later, with the return of inspiration from the streets and urban tribes, the fishnet stockings returns as a key element to the look of the day win a footprint more cool.

Madonna Rescued The Fishnets In The Years 80

There is no doubt that she takes the sobriety of any basic production. After covering the London Fashion Week and the São Paulo Fashion Week, there’s no denying that this styling trick fell in like the fashionistas.

Be in more dramatic productions or delicate, it is possible to balance the production so she doesn’t get as rocker. The sock can emerge as a discreet ankle detail (between the trousers and boots) or show without fear by the tears that jeans super destroyed. Red Plaid Shirt and vinyl parts are great add-ons if your intention is to honour the grunge movement.

Looks At Lfw

Explore your look with a dash of daring. That’s what’s going to encourage out of common and conquer new looks! Something is fact: we cannot define people by what they wear, but those that know how to play with the visual itself are always more interesting.