The Famous Lower Heels: Travel, Shopping, and Even for out Night Ponte Flat

Many of our famous We are not at all accustomed to seeing them without heels While many others are that the minimum that can be lowered them ipso facto, and it is that you as among mortals, the famous are also divided into two large groups: which dead before that simple immune to sore feet and other collateral damage caused by the heights, and those as much as not to walk, as soon as they can they pass to the flat boots, trainers, dancers or Oxford type shoes.

When even Victoria Beckham passed to the side of the “flat”, will be that the 10 cm under the foot is not anything good if such practice is abused…

A Carey Mulligan We hadn’t seen it so far with no styling of street, and the truth is that he had not stuck you nothing go climb a few stilettos to pumps for errands: to her, preppy, stick you ballerinas.

As to Jessica Alba, that opt for the large buckle plan Marie-Antoinette Street.

The same as a Mary-Kate Olsen What hits during the downtime of insufferable platforms, are moccasins.

A Fearne Cotton as good british what you are are the Oxford. Perfect to hold a long day of shopping.

And speaking of British, Pixie Lott It is that committed to the jewel dancers to go out at night. So it be dancing until the many is not incompatible with having practically barefoot to House…