The Dangers of Abuse of The Sneakers with Wheels

They’re getting more and more fashionable. Today it is normal to go down the street and see a child walk with sneakers “cruder” than normal and, suddenly, see that it begins to slide with them, thanks to a wheel that have these shoes in the heel. They are the famous Heelys or shoes with wheels.

This type of footwear would not be a problem if it is taken as a toy, something with which children are a time and then they become to put your normal shoes. But, abusing these sneakers with wheels is a danger and podiatrists do not advise its use beyond a bit of entertainment.

Why is it not advisable to use this kind of shoes on a daily basis?

To have these shoes a ruedin in heel make that tread is different, something like as if the children carried a 4-5 cm heel. The weight of the body is not distributed evenly on the foot and overload the area of forefoot and heel, and may produce lesions such as metatarsalgia, or long-term, shortening of the posterior muscular chain.

Supporting on a wheel, it has less surface, so the support is more unstable and the child does not have that proprioception as if you walked with your full foot. Let’s say that it distorts the tread and, if this extends many time in the day, the child just to change his way of walking but then using other shoes.

Not to speak of the falls that may occur at the time that the child moves on wheels. Almost all of these shoes have a single wheel, not making them very unstable when it rolls over them, becoming frequent the falls with consequential injuries to wrists, elbows or other joints by impact in the fall. If not, they say the child’s doctor José María García Ponce, that he has seen the consequences of this type of footwear you decerca.

They have already been several professionals, including the official College of podiatrists, those who have warned of the danger of abuse of the footwear and have urged schools not to let children go to class all day with this type of footwear.

Sneakers with wheels: whether or not?

Little one see a child go with this type of running shoes you will notice that the tread is very unnatural. If these shoes are taken as a toy used some minutes a day, you will not have major consequences, is daily use and abuse that hurts and it can affect health.

Anyway, jobs to choose an activity with wheels, parents can opt for another type of more conventional skates, where children know how to separate your sporadic use of leisure with daily use. Skating is a very complete sport, but the material we chose to do this is very important, and shoes with wheels are not the most appropriate.