The Converse More Musicals, Blondie and The Clash

Historically, Converse has been an innovator and that reflects the great social changes. Today launches its collection of more musical slippers, in honor of the great of the punk as The Clash and the Group of the blonde more famous of the punk rock: Blondie.

The companions of Blondie group wore Chuck Taylor All Star shoes, so in tribute to the band they released two models, with animal prints, which are based on the colors of the covers of the disks in the Group.

The black model we see an image of the singer, combined with Fluorescent Pink letters, fashionable at that time. On the other hand we have a model of black, and white stripes with the much more discrete letters. The black model costs 80 euros while the stripes amounts to 120. A treat for music lovers more.

The Clash was an icon in punk music and white sneakers is a tribute to the 30th birthday of the London Calling album, whose designs the sole rock graphics. The models of this line remind military lines and the anti-establishment pins of the time.

Model red and black, colors of punk aesthetics combine with the logo of The Clash the skull and the warm Crusades. Prices range from 90 to 180 euros.