The Classics Are Renewed: Athletic Shoes of All Life

For a few seasons, the athletic shoes they have been ousted to you shoes on occasion at the looks of every day and the fashion victims strolling comfortably by the streets around the world. The firms have realized that and have not missed the opportunity to re-edit all models of yesteryear that it succeeded as popcorn a Sunday afternoon in the film. But which models are the coolest moment? Here is a sample of this.

Huarache, Nike

Nike is one of the top of this movement, and there are many models that succeed among bloggers, celebrities and people in street. From its legendary air Max through the Free model. Although that begin to emerge more than each other these last few seasons are, without hesitating a moment, Huarache model. What do you think?

Stan Smith, adidas Originals

Adidas Originals is Stan Smith. Its simple but functional white model has fallen in love (again) to all the world and special editions have not wait: Rita Ora or Pharrell Williams have created capsule collections, while the version of cracked skin also just liking.

Chuck Taylor, Converse

Think of your childhood and focus on your feet, what lucías? Probably the Chuck Taylor converse. In version loot or version low, these shoes are steeped in history. Many colors, fabrics and versions show that these remain so more.

Freestyle, Reebok

Reebok scored somewhat to relaunch its famous Freestyle model in pastel colours: lilac, pink or yellow conquered the hearts of the most longed.

Which model would you prefer?