Talk Modifies the Classic Tennis Design All Star

When you read the classic design of the All Star has been modified rolls that cold in the belly and utter despair to think that we will lose the style of the best tennis in the world (at least for me), but not young! Tennis will not undergo radical changes in their appearance and will have news inside.

For those who do not know, Nike bought Converse a few years ago, after the company declared bankruptcy. So without this purchase, the shoes you used during much of his adolescence even exist today. Whew, thank Nike!

The legal this novelty is that we have the classic style of Converse added to the advanced technology of Nike. For those who use All Star knows that tennis although wonderful and stylish is the “thin soles” often, she spends quick and tennis top part is intact, so you end up losing a beautiful shoes because the sole ! Do not I know, but I tried to put a new sole on the cobbler and it was a disaster. But, by the way, the new Chuck II (official model name), will have a more lasting and comfortable structure, which is great for tennis fans.

There are also some minor cosmetic changes present in Chuck II, including a non-slippery tongue and perforated suede lining – visible in the picture above – it helps in breathing. Translation: your feet will not sweat and stink as much as before.

But overall, it will be very difficult for most people to recognize the differences between the original and the new version – except for the price. Versions low pipe and high-top Chuck II will be sold for $ 15 more than the original versions – $ 75 and $ 70, respectively.

Now is wait for the sale of Chuck II, here in Brazil! I thought it was beautiful and you?