Takes Note, The #Leopardslippers Are Going to Petal This Spring

If you were tired of seeing this happy animal print everywhere and also not you convinced at all the substitutes of the dancers or moccasins of life, i.e., the slippers, you are in luck, this spring have decided to merge and join forces! , and feeling very much something tells me that the with Leopard print slippers are going to become – if it is that they are no longer – in the shoe of the season it.

Always made me very funny obsession of the photos “view from the top”, i.e., those snapshots taken from above that the particular person decides to teach us about what wearing a simple and brief way that focuses the attention, or at least one large part of it, in shoes.

As well, my curiosity for the Leopard slippers It began thus: “a beautiful late spring I was I to see photographs and more photographs of exquisite and delicious food, parties and various events, and therefore of the vidorra father of all the it girls and it bloggers that I’m still in the social network of photography whose name I don’t remember, when… Hey!, this is why” sudden bombardment of photographs of Leopard slippers?” And bam! Became chocapic already had the track above the table.

Search rummage, gossip, inquire… I did all that and more, until I got to find what I was looking for, would know that? the Leopard slippers had a hastag on Instagram? Me neither, until then. I did click on #leopardslippers and then I didn’t have the slightest doubt, the Leopard slippers are going to petal this spring, despite you who gets upset.

He says goodbye with love Mai, an instagram-addicted.