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Cloned and Plundered: The Oxford Zimmermann for Much Less

The Fashion weeks they are much more for the news of the upcoming season. Your street style us about garments that would perhaps never have had the opportunity to see or notice. And the same happened to me with some oxford heels that looked Aimee Song in New York. Fringe and gold lace, this shoe signed by Zimmermann He caught me from • Read More »

Cloned and Plundered: Zara Is Inspired by The Balenciaga Ceinture…

Although at first horrified at the 99.9% of the population, little by little boots cut out of Balenciaga they were conquering the fashion victims and looked like tens of firms trying to them to clone. Years later, the initial model has been gone to renovating and added you place to create the famous Balenciaga Ceinture Ankle Boots. And this fall 2014 Zara inspired by • Read More »

: Cloned and Plundered Chiara Ferragni Also You Copied

It seems that Chiara Ferragni now already knows what is in first person than other signature clone your designs. And if a few seasons ago was it inspired by the Jimmy Choo sneakers for his own collection, now is another firm who takes his famous slippers and the clone without mercy.

Low-Cost Trends: Punching Sports, The Midsummer Madness

The converse to the New Balance through sports Leopard of Celine and the Willow of Isabel Marant, long shoes emerged on stage, but that are going to petal this summer are without doubt, the sports with floral and tropical, they are everywhere (and cute)!

Mark Style in Your Summer Parties with These 8 Sandals

In full safe vacations that you have summer festivals and dinners with friends that look Tan. Sandals are key in any summer look, since they are able to raise a single sublime style. The goal is to make a difference and with these models you will get it.

Feet with 13 Sophisticated Party Shoes

Shoes they are the complement that can change a style. You can have a simple look, which are already responsible shoes give the elegant touches necessary to make it chic. Classic rooms in black, original stiletto heel and striking Sandals to show off during this holiday season and that your feet look more sophisticated than ever.

Punta Booties, Shoe Fashion for All

If there is a type of shoe star this season, that is the loot. A shoe that you can wear with all kinds of outfits both day and night. Fashion shoe for everything! The proposals are varied, but I’m going to focus on the punta booties, They Stylize much more and have an extra dose of femininity.

Heels Fullcolor [50 Favourite Spots of Summer]

Summer seems to want more take strong colours, vibrant, vitamin and luminous. Whether in clothing or in supplements. A bland ensemble revives thanks to a pair of sandals with heels and full color, try and see. Goes for colors such as orange, green hope, lemon yellow, Bubblegum pink or blue klein. And to add the finishing • Read More »

Ankle Boots Trend 2016

To toe this winter boots, ankle boots, strung with high heels or not, to be glamorous and practical for every occasion. What put the foot during the colder season? Leaving aside for a moment the socks, which become gradually getting heavier, think of the shoes and what are the most popular among all these days. As you are aware • Read More »

Latest Trends Women’s Sneakers

There is nothing better than wearing a nice pair of sneakers to feel at ease on very many occasions and situations. Talk about shoes is essential to understanding what are the new trends but it is also true that some shoes are particularly appreciated, always and everywhere. With low ones, usually, we feel more comfortable but it’s just • Read More »

Sandals Trend Summer 2016

The sandals are comfortable and perfect for warm weather and certainly those sporty flair but nonetheless glamorous and sophisticated are the best allies of a woman and of her feet. This summer at the foot of this sporty chic sandals to be comfortable but still in every outfit. There is nothing better than wearing open shoes when it’s • Read More »

Hottest Sandals for Summer

The flat sandals have a comfortable shoe, versatile and glamor that all women love to show off during the summer, let us see the low cost models more beautiful and colorful, perfect to buy now and show off all season. The coolest spring shoes summer 2012 need not be designer and costing astronomical sums, now even the brand cheap are attentive • Read More »

Sandals Spring Summer

In the field of shoes for Spring / Summer 2016, the trends most interesting reward original and daring forms at the same time, fashion models perfect for adding a feminine touch and spirited to our day look and dress. In the new collections for the hot season it will advance creations for all tastes, colorful sandals, lace-up forms and the slave, • Read More »

Hot Sneakers for Summer 2016

Among the shoes of fashion this summer, the starring role went to sneakers for women. Needless to go around: the shoes sneakers spring/summer 2016 are certainly more comfortable and practical. Be careful though, you don’t need to give up the style as they did in the past, because these shoes are also beautiful. If you watch during the past • Read More »