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Shoes with Traction Soles: See Models to Be Inspired!

Women’s traction shoes are there and they are a strong trend in the country. Despite the thick, heavy-looking sole, the trend adapts to the different climates of the country because all types of shoes can be “suited” to the sole: low-heeled sandals, high-heeled shoes, oxfords, sneakers, scarpins, etc. There are also several color options, with black, • Read More »

Retro Women Shoes

If you enjoy practical shoes, comfortable and stylish, perhaps Keds is your brand. It is a new manufacturer entered the market in 1916, when sneakers or tennis in English, were becoming rage among comfortable shoes. It is not just a shoe manufacturer, but the first mark, the creator. The first tennis appeared in the world through the shoes and then • Read More »

How to Match Your Boots

The boots are a must-have accessory for women, especially during the winter. During the last years he returned powerfully in fashion. Many women use the boots for a practical reason: are indispensable for those with cold, rain or snow just can’t (like blame them) to use the classic pumps. We see then how to match boots assuming different kinds of outfit.

Womens Trendy Sneakers 2016

Every woman in the dilemma “will jump or tennis?”. But know that you can use and abuse of tennis without losing the style. The outfit looks with a simpler style, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to be less tidy. The leap gives a totally different face for the look and pulls over to the side. • Read More »

How to Wear Rain Boots Fashionable

The rain boots have become a ‘must have’ in the wardrobe of any woman, gicché besides being beautiful, they are also very useful. The grains fashion brands have created countless collections of rain boots that can be worn in all seasons, with style and elegance. These shoes are extremely comfortable and very practical accessories of fashion, there are models with the most varied • Read More »

Denim Shoes for Ladies

With denim shoes will be the latest fashion and will ride the wake of spring summer 2016 trends. The jeans fabric is back in fashion again in this hot season spring/summer 2016 but we are not referring only to the usual pants, skirt or jacket to a few, but of everything. With denim, in fact, at least • Read More »

Latest Trends Women’s Sneakers

There is nothing better than wearing a nice pair of sneakers to feel at ease on very many occasions and situations. Talk about shoes is essential to understanding what are the new trends but it is also true that some shoes are particularly appreciated, always and everywhere. With low ones, usually, we feel more comfortable but it’s just • Read More »

How to Keep Your Boots Shine

The boot is a shoe that, in addition to the foot, covers the ankle and part of the leg. May have a heel, which in turn can be distinguished from the rest of the sole or constructed in one piece. Similarly, some boots with laces or zippers, others don’t have a closing. Various types of boots they had and have • Read More »

Gladiator Sandals Trend 2016

The sandals are the footwear trend this spring summer 2016. Sometimes they come back and during this hot season seem to be their turn again. We are talking about the sandals, a type of footwear that maddens some women while others are horrified at the thought. Who loves them, can see the great potential of these models, while • Read More »

5 Reasons to Wear Low Heels

The heels, you know, is a symbol of femininity and elegance. Often, however, we women give up wearing high heeled shoes because inconvenient, neglecting to consider the opportunity to wear low heels that adorn the outfit and better suited to everyday life. Here are 5 reasons why to choose us.

How to Adjust High Heels

Shoes, cross and delight of women, are the thing we love most buy and indossari. But often it happens that when you find a couple that we really love, we end up finding them with a high heel that would pale even the best super models of our walkways. And then what to do? Simple, you can lower your heel. Enjoy more of • Read More »

Heeled Sandals 2016

Season open footwear is around the corner and a selection of current models do not make you wait. As in previous periods, fashionable, feminine, sophisticated and elegant solution in 2016 considered heeled sandals. This option must emphasize slender legs, graceful gait and sexual abuse. Also it is a good opportunity to show a nice pedicure, stylish design and • Read More »

Fashion Sandals 2016

Sandals – one of the best forms of summer shoes. These models record up perfectly, which is ideal for long walks and stay on your feet all day, and in combination with the universal wardrobe. In 2016, designers offer trendy sandals that will not end simply stylish image, but also help to combine such qualities as courtesy • Read More »

5 Tips for Colored Women’s Boots

Beautiful summer sandals and pumps often are not the best choice in the cloudy and often even the rainy weather this year. However, do not worry, the solution is easy – it is colored womens boots. Odzvonilo long ago days when boots were represented mainly shapeless, unsightly footwear mainly used by men and women in most cases • Read More »

Hot Sneakers for Summer 2016

Among the shoes of fashion this summer, the starring role went to sneakers for women. Needless to go around: the shoes sneakers spring/summer 2016 are certainly more comfortable and practical. Be careful though, you don’t need to give up the style as they did in the past, because these shoes are also beautiful. If you watch during the past • Read More »

Womens Flatform Sandals 2016

Belli are comfortable but certainly yes! Flatform shoes are trendy sandals for spring/summer 2016 The truth is that women don’t like the shoes but classic, or rather the design should be well tested, much like the cleavage that made history. Maybe, they are not always comfortable, are not always ideal for anyone needing to do back and forth to the • Read More »

How to Match Silver Sandals

The shoes are the best friends of women. Sports, classic, heels, low shot: each of us has at least one pair in your closet. The footwear that cannot miss in your summer wardrobe of a woman are heeled sandals that put the foot in plain sight and enhance the figure. Silver ones are super stylish and refined, but it is not always easy • Read More »

5 Ways to Wear White Sneakers

For those who want to be fashion without sacrificing style is essential to buy at least one pair of white sneakers. It is a simple and classic shoe and is comfortable and suitable for any type of clothing, the important thing is to achieve the right combination. Suitable for teens, but also the ladies a little older they give a youthful feel, with little • Read More »