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Desert Boots: The Full Story, Where to Buy and How to Use

The desert boots are boots male short barrel rubber-soled crepe. Usually made of suede, have two eyelets, and a few seams. These boots have been created in the years 50 by the Clarks, inspired by a model seen in World War ii. Decades later, are still relevant in the feet the most stylish in the world. Depending on your age you will remember the • Read More »

What to Take into Account When Buying Tennis Shoes

Shoes are still the footwear of choice for brazilians, just look at the disparity in the amount of shoes stores the sneakers in the shopping malls and also of the supply of product to know who takes the best. Surely you must have more than one pair in your closet and probably already writing your • Read More »

How to Pair Brown Boots

The brown boots are an essential accessory for the cold season. During the fall and winter, boots are nice and comfy, and you can match them to perfection both skirts and trousers and jeans. In addition, the color brown is a warm tone great for autumn and winter outfits. Here’s a little guide to see how to pair of brown boots, suede or leather, high heels and elegant or • Read More »

How to Wear Wedges

The wedge is a particular sole without a heel, lifting and is the base for the whole sole of the foot. The shoes with wedges already existed in the middle ages, but their best period was that of the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century when combined with pants to elephant’s leg or flared skirts in flowers were a must. Do you feel a little too “Daughters of flowers”? Let’s • Read More »

Care Instructions for Shoes and Boots

Take care of shoes and boots When you buy a pair of shoes or boots with us, then you have invested in a quality product. In order for it to meet your requirements and withstand tough use so you should cherish and take care of them. Here are some tips on how to care for • Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Boots

Unlike some other precious products win not Lundhags boots that are stored, they should be used. If you are taking care of your boots properly, they can last for decades. Grease the boots properly the three, four first few times you use them. After a while you will see where you need lubrication in order to get • Read More »

How to Get Used to High Heels

The allure of the high heel will never fade: slim figure and makes the elegant stride. We both love women wear high heels; they are beautiful, but also uncomfortable and insidious. Yet what woman cannot resist the charms of a heel twelve? Although many of us for daily comfort we waive often takes times when show off a nice pair of heels is absolutely necessary and • Read More »

How to Choose Right Heels

All women know that the heels are a twist on each outfit, they manage to give an air of femininity that certainly you can’t get with flat shoes. This is because the heel tends to bring up the ankle more slender and slim. Heels also enhance the figure, so unless you are very tall and slender these could help you • Read More »

How to Adjust High Heels

Shoes, cross and delight of women, are the thing we love most buy and indossari. But often it happens that when you find a couple that we really love, we end up finding them with a high heel that would pale even the best super models of our walkways. And then what to do? Simple, you can lower your heel. Enjoy more of • Read More »

How to Choose High Heels

Dressing up in accurately is crucial if we are to be always beautiful and seductive. For example, we will choose a dress that enhances our person, of glittering accessories and shoes and flashy. As for the shoes, we can use the beautiful shoes with heel, shoes that make us more beautiful and which enhance at the same time our person. In this guide we will see how to choose high-heeled • Read More »

How to Choose a Baby Sandals

For basic knowledge of the selection of children’s sandals will help text, if you want to ask for further details or consult your selection, we will we serve directly in our physical stores Ski and Bike Radotin Skibi. Many parents already know that the selection of baby shoes it is necessary to pay great attention because • Read More »

3 Tips on How to Comfortably Walk in Heels

Heel shoes for women are inseparable. Some love them, others curse. It is certain that men are like heels. How can sweeten wearing heel shoes? Here’s how you liking these shoes so that you no longer want to put the foot. Height and heel type To the heels feel confident and comfortable, so you just need to choose the right shoes. There are several types of heels and more • Read More »

How to Wear Leather Sandals

When summer comes you will discover not only the legs and arms, but even feet! For them not only espadrilles, wedges and thongs: one of the must haves of this summers are sure to be the leather sandals in all their variations, from hippie-style patterns to those in gladiator style. They are comfortable and fresh, and there are so many variations. They are available even • Read More »