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How to Wear Wedges

The wedge is a particular sole without a heel, lifting and is the base for the whole sole of the foot. The shoes with wedges already existed in the middle ages, but their best period was that of the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century when combined with pants to elephant’s leg or flared skirts in flowers were a must. Do you feel a little too “Daughters of flowers”? Let’s • Read More »

Denim Shoes for Ladies

With denim shoes will be the latest fashion and will ride the wake of spring summer 2016 trends. The jeans fabric is back in fashion again in this hot season spring/summer 2016 but we are not referring only to the usual pants, skirt or jacket to a few, but of everything. With denim, in fact, at least • Read More »

Formal Lace up Shoes

Discover with us the new fashion trend of shoes spring summer 2016 and be captivated by the allure of these chic shoes. Those who want to dress fashionably, knows that you have to choose all the accessories carefully and calibrate them with style and sophistication. I mean, you only need to be informed about new trends of the • Read More »

Gladiator Sandals Trend 2016

The sandals are the footwear trend this spring summer 2016. Sometimes they come back and during this hot season seem to be their turn again. We are talking about the sandals, a type of footwear that maddens some women while others are horrified at the thought. Who loves them, can see the great potential of these models, while • Read More »

Sandals Trend Summer 2016

The sandals are comfortable and perfect for warm weather and certainly those sporty flair but nonetheless glamorous and sophisticated are the best allies of a woman and of her feet. This summer at the foot of this sporty chic sandals to be comfortable but still in every outfit. There is nothing better than wearing open shoes when it’s • Read More »

Flat Gladiator Sandals Knee High

Gladiator sandals or lace-up? Call them anyway, know that these are among the most fashionable shoes of summer. What are the spring/summer fashion shoe 2016? There are, in fact, many, too much different from each other. This is because first of all on the catwalk each stylist flips his idea of trend and then also because every model • Read More »

Fashion Sandals 2016

Sandals – one of the best forms of summer shoes. These models record up perfectly, which is ideal for long walks and stay on your feet all day, and in combination with the universal wardrobe. In 2016, designers offer trendy sandals that will not end simply stylish image, but also help to combine such qualities as courtesy • Read More »

5 Tips for Colored Women’s Boots

Beautiful summer sandals and pumps often are not the best choice in the cloudy and often even the rainy weather this year. However, do not worry, the solution is easy – it is colored womens boots. Odzvonilo long ago days when boots were represented mainly shapeless, unsightly footwear mainly used by men and women in most cases • Read More »

Hottest Sandals for Summer

The flat sandals have a comfortable shoe, versatile and glamor that all women love to show off during the summer, let us see the low cost models more beautiful and colorful, perfect to buy now and show off all season. The coolest spring shoes summer 2012 need not be designer and costing astronomical sums, now even the brand cheap are attentive • Read More »

Jeffrey Campbell Platform Sandal

Among the trends for the ‘Summer 2014, the wedges are the most popular in recent months, the typical footwear of this time of year that they found new interpretations in specialized fashion brand collections in this area and in those of high-fashion house. In view of the hot season all the big names of the fashion system have included among • Read More »

Sandals Spring Summer

In the field of shoes for Spring / Summer 2016, the trends most interesting reward original and daring forms at the same time, fashion models perfect for adding a feminine touch and spirited to our day look and dress. In the new collections for the hot season it will advance creations for all tastes, colorful sandals, lace-up forms and the slave, • Read More »

Hot Sneakers for Summer 2016

Among the shoes of fashion this summer, the starring role went to sneakers for women. Needless to go around: the shoes sneakers spring/summer 2016 are certainly more comfortable and practical. Be careful though, you don’t need to give up the style as they did in the past, because these shoes are also beautiful. If you watch during the past • Read More »

Ladies Heeled Summer Sandals

The must with regard to shoes in the fall is the sandal. Foot wide open. The trend for shoes this fall are the sandals. Perhaps to keep feeling summer or, for less cold, to continue to show off your tan even on the extremities and the enamel at the foot. Whatever the true motive, the great fashion, and • Read More »

Womens Flatform Sandals 2016

Belli are comfortable but certainly yes! Flatform shoes are trendy sandals for spring/summer 2016 The truth is that women don’t like the shoes but classic, or rather the design should be well tested, much like the cleavage that made history. Maybe, they are not always comfortable, are not always ideal for anyone needing to do back and forth to the • Read More »