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Desert Boots: The Full Story, Where to Buy and How to Use

The desert boots are boots male short barrel rubber-soled crepe. Usually made of suede, have two eyelets, and a few seams. These boots have been created in the years 50 by the Clarks, inspired by a model seen in World War ii. Decades later, are still relevant in the feet the most stylish in the world. Depending on your age you will remember the • Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Boots

Unlike some other precious products win not Lundhags boots that are stored, they should be used. If you are taking care of your boots properly, they can last for decades. Grease the boots properly the three, four first few times you use them. After a while you will see where you need lubrication in order to get • Read More »

Ankle Boots Trend 2016

To toe this winter boots, ankle boots, strung with high heels or not, to be glamorous and practical for every occasion. What put the foot during the colder season? Leaving aside for a moment the socks, which become gradually getting heavier, think of the shoes and what are the most popular among all these days. As you are aware • Read More »

Hottest Sandals for Summer

The flat sandals have a comfortable shoe, versatile and glamor that all women love to show off during the summer, let us see the low cost models more beautiful and colorful, perfect to buy now and show off all season. The coolest spring shoes summer 2012 need not be designer and costing astronomical sums, now even the brand cheap are attentive • Read More »

How to Clean White Sneakers

White is a color so beautiful and ingenuous as delicate; in fact, it tends to get dirty easily, especially when it comes to accessories such as handbags and shoes. Regarding the latter, if we have some beautiful white sneakers, to clean them properly and without losing the natural color, it is necessary to intervene with appropriate techniques. In this regard, in the steps of this guide we see • Read More »

Ladies Heeled Summer Sandals

The must with regard to shoes in the fall is the sandal. Foot wide open. The trend for shoes this fall are the sandals. Perhaps to keep feeling summer or, for less cold, to continue to show off your tan even on the extremities and the enamel at the foot. Whatever the true motive, the great fashion, and • Read More »