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How to Combine Brown Shoes with Socks

Pairings: socks that are used with brown shoes? What colors they are all right? Here’s our guide, valid in every season, to match socks and brown shoes properly.

How to Match Ankle Boots

In this article we want to help all our readers who are passionate about fashion, to figure out how to match the ankle boots. Let’s start by saying that for some years now, are very much in vogue ankle boots, which literally translated are nothing but the ankle high boots. It seems that this fashion don’t really wants to • Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Boots

Unlike some other precious products win not Lundhags boots that are stored, they should be used. If you are taking care of your boots properly, they can last for decades. Grease the boots properly the three, four first few times you use them. After a while you will see where you need lubrication in order to get • Read More »

Heeled Sandals 2016

Season open footwear is around the corner and a selection of current models do not make you wait. As in previous periods, fashionable, feminine, sophisticated and elegant solution in 2016 considered heeled sandals. This option must emphasize slender legs, graceful gait and sexual abuse. Also it is a good opportunity to show a nice pedicure, stylish design and • Read More »