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Shoes with Traction Soles: See Models to Be Inspired!

Women’s traction shoes are there and they are a strong trend in the country. Despite the thick, heavy-looking sole, the trend adapts to the different climates of the country because all types of shoes can be “suited” to the sole: low-heeled sandals, high-heeled shoes, oxfords, sneakers, scarpins, etc. There are also several color options, with black, • Read More »

Trendy Shoes and Sandals

2016 is with the foot in the door and many brands have started to publish their main novelties for next year. One is the Havaianas, which lifted the rubber scuff of a single shoe for an iconic item and is synonymous with style. Always with new ideas and new clothes for rubber sandals, Havaianas plans a collection of incredible • Read More »

Sneakers in Trend 2016

Sneakers are comfortable, easy to clean shoes for all days. They are suitable for several seasons and are equally popular with men and women. What once began as the story of the sneakers is a long biography of modern, trendy shoes, which are by far not only suitable for sports. Today, countless models in the • Read More »