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How to Wear Cut Out Boots

To be fashionable, sometimes you have to suffer, we think of the heels, tight clothes and why not, also to cut out boots. Definitely not a suffering such as to affect our health, but to wear them, we will have to endure a little cold, since we are talking about footwear similar to boots, but dray, the calves or on the feet. Every woman who wears trendy has at least a • Read More »

How to Match Your Boots

The boots are a must-have accessory for women, especially during the winter. During the last years he returned powerfully in fashion. Many women use the boots for a practical reason: are indispensable for those with cold, rain or snow just can’t (like blame them) to use the classic pumps. We see then how to match boots assuming different kinds of outfit.

How to Wear Wedges

The wedge is a particular sole without a heel, lifting and is the base for the whole sole of the foot. The shoes with wedges already existed in the middle ages, but their best period was that of the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century when combined with pants to elephant’s leg or flared skirts in flowers were a must. Do you feel a little too “Daughters of flowers”? Let’s • Read More »

How to Match Ankle Boots

In this article we want to help all our readers who are passionate about fashion, to figure out how to match the ankle boots. Let’s start by saying that for some years now, are very much in vogue ankle boots, which literally translated are nothing but the ankle high boots. It seems that this fashion don’t really wants to • Read More »

How to Wear Heels Comfortably

The heels have always been for a woman synonymous with elegance, but that doesn’t mean the heels should be worn only for the most important occasions or special events, such as events or for the evening. Many now wear heels every day, to go out shopping or to go to work, a fortiori if the type of employment requires a formal dress code. Are not • Read More »

5 Reasons to Wear Low Heels

The heels, you know, is a symbol of femininity and elegance. Often, however, we women give up wearing high heeled shoes because inconvenient, neglecting to consider the opportunity to wear low heels that adorn the outfit and better suited to everyday life. Here are 5 reasons why to choose us.

How to Match White Sneakers

They are the most comfortable shoes, simpler and more worn by youth: today we talk of sneakers, comfortable shoes sneakers that never go out of style. But when the sneakers are white, how do we match them avoiding mistakes? Moreover, white is a very unique color that could risk getting into fights with many other shades. The following guide will provide some valuable tips to • Read More »

How to Wear Leather Sandals

When summer comes you will discover not only the legs and arms, but even feet! For them not only espadrilles, wedges and thongs: one of the must haves of this summers are sure to be the leather sandals in all their variations, from hippie-style patterns to those in gladiator style. They are comfortable and fresh, and there are so many variations. They are available even • Read More »

How to Match Silver Sandals

The shoes are the best friends of women. Sports, classic, heels, low shot: each of us has at least one pair in your closet. The footwear that cannot miss in your summer wardrobe of a woman are heeled sandals that put the foot in plain sight and enhance the figure. Silver ones are super stylish and refined, but it is not always easy • Read More »