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: Cloned and Plundered Chiara Ferragni Also You Copied

It seems that Chiara Ferragni now already knows what is in first person than other signature clone your designs. And if a few seasons ago was it inspired by the Jimmy Choo sneakers for his own collection, now is another firm who takes his famous slippers and the clone without mercy.

Feet with 13 Sophisticated Party Shoes

Shoes they are the complement that can change a style. You can have a simple look, which are already responsible shoes give the elegant touches necessary to make it chic. Classic rooms in black, original stiletto heel and striking Sandals to show off during this holiday season and that your feet look more sophisticated than ever.

Jeffrey Campbell Platform Sandal

Among the trends for the ‘Summer 2014, the wedges are the most popular in recent months, the typical footwear of this time of year that they found new interpretations in specialized fashion brand collections in this area and in those of high-fashion house. In view of the hot season all the big names of the fashion system have included among • Read More »

Hot Sneakers for Summer 2016

Among the shoes of fashion this summer, the starring role went to sneakers for women. Needless to go around: the shoes sneakers spring/summer 2016 are certainly more comfortable and practical. Be careful though, you don’t need to give up the style as they did in the past, because these shoes are also beautiful. If you watch during the past • Read More »