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Huberd’s Shoe Oil for You to Take Care of Your Boots

I bought the Engineer Boots, John Lofgren. After, I bought a work boot White”s Bounty Huntercustom. The two are at the top in their categories, and the two are very expensive. For the price, I want them to last very long, so I never have to buy more. For this I have used Huberds Shoe Oil, the best product for you to • Read More »

How to Dry Leather Shoes: Step by Step Full

Have you ever been caught off guard by a rain of those? Does not have umbrella that save, the shoe is always wet. There are shoes suitable for this problem, but are not always practical for the day-to-day. It is necessary to accept the reality of wet feet and be prepared to dry your leather shoes when you • Read More »

How to Wear Cut Out Boots

To be fashionable, sometimes you have to suffer, we think of the heels, tight clothes and why not, also to cut out boots. Definitely not a suffering such as to affect our health, but to wear them, we will have to endure a little cold, since we are talking about footwear similar to boots, but dray, the calves or on the feet. Every woman who wears trendy has at least a • Read More »

How to Choose Shoes to Wear

Surely you know the feeling when you feel that you have in the closet stunning dress with which to create countless fashion creations, but with shoes is already weaker. Below abbreviated basic types when choosing footwear. What shoes to lace dress Lace dresses are particularly popular in summer, but what shoes they choose is often a • Read More »

Care Instructions for Shoes and Boots

Take care of shoes and boots When you buy a pair of shoes or boots with us, then you have invested in a quality product. In order for it to meet your requirements and withstand tough use so you should cherish and take care of them. Here are some tips on how to care for • Read More »

How to Take Care of Your Boots

Unlike some other precious products win not Lundhags boots that are stored, they should be used. If you are taking care of your boots properly, they can last for decades. Grease the boots properly the three, four first few times you use them. After a while you will see where you need lubrication in order to get • Read More »

Ankle Boots Trend 2016

To toe this winter boots, ankle boots, strung with high heels or not, to be glamorous and practical for every occasion. What put the foot during the colder season? Leaving aside for a moment the socks, which become gradually getting heavier, think of the shoes and what are the most popular among all these days. As you are aware • Read More »

Wedge Shoes for Winter

Do not give up a bit of height in this cold season, choose the new platform shoes and surprise everyone. In cold weather you have to not only cover the shoulders and neck, but also their own feet. Often you do it with shoes not always very fashion, or worse, unfeminine. Yet sometimes it takes so little to be sensational • Read More »

How to Get Used to High Heels

The allure of the high heel will never fade: slim figure and makes the elegant stride. We both love women wear high heels; they are beautiful, but also uncomfortable and insidious. Yet what woman cannot resist the charms of a heel twelve? Although many of us for daily comfort we waive often takes times when show off a nice pair of heels is absolutely necessary and • Read More »

Ankle Boot Cravo e Canela Preta

The Cravo e Canela is a brand of women’s footwear that values ​​the new, with a footprint folk and boho chic, always bringing the current trends and reinventing the classics. National manufacturing, products Cravo e Canela work with quality materials and innovative, having a young and hip style that can be used by all ages and adapted to all visual. The classic • Read More »

Hottest Sandals for Summer

The flat sandals have a comfortable shoe, versatile and glamor that all women love to show off during the summer, let us see the low cost models more beautiful and colorful, perfect to buy now and show off all season. The coolest spring shoes summer 2012 need not be designer and costing astronomical sums, now even the brand cheap are attentive • Read More »

How to Clean White Sneakers

White is a color so beautiful and ingenuous as delicate; in fact, it tends to get dirty easily, especially when it comes to accessories such as handbags and shoes. Regarding the latter, if we have some beautiful white sneakers, to clean them properly and without losing the natural color, it is necessary to intervene with appropriate techniques. In this regard, in the steps of this guide we see • Read More »

How to Wear Leather Sandals

When summer comes you will discover not only the legs and arms, but even feet! For them not only espadrilles, wedges and thongs: one of the must haves of this summers are sure to be the leather sandals in all their variations, from hippie-style patterns to those in gladiator style. They are comfortable and fresh, and there are so many variations. They are available even • Read More »

Sandals and Flip Flops

They are cooler and more comfortable footwear of the hot season: discover with us the flip flops of the summer 2016 What to put on the foot when it’s too hot? What to wear during the summer? The simplest answer is to choose some nice summer sandals, maybe low but also the wedges are an excellent solution. We want to be honest? Let’s • Read More »

Plus Size Over the Knee Boots with Heel

Overknee boots is as the name suggests a pair of long boots and Winter Jogging Boots is abbreviated as WJB according to, if the shaft goes to the knee and in some cases above. The boots originates from the 15th century, where they were used as riding boots for men to provide extra protection • Read More »