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Shoes with Traction Soles: See Models to Be Inspired!

Women’s traction shoes are there and they are a strong trend in the country. Despite the thick, heavy-looking sole, the trend adapts to the different climates of the country because all types of shoes can be “suited” to the sole: low-heeled sandals, high-heeled shoes, oxfords, sneakers, scarpins, etc. There are also several color options, with black, • Read More »

3 Shoes to Combine with Jumpsuits

In the world of fashion there are no moments of rest, every season fashion designers and fashionistas make its best effort to bring us unique styles; for some years, the jumpsuits come to look in the spring. This sexy trend is based on a single garment, easy to use and classified as casual and sophisticated • Read More »

Printed High Heels

Embossed heels are in vogue. The pieces serve to give an “up” in any production, as long as well coordinated with the other pieces and details of the look. The footwear can adorn with incredible compositions, being a great suggestion, even, for those who prefer that most basic look. The suggestion is to think about the consistency of the colors and • Read More »

The History of High Heels

Although one does not know exactly who created the high heel, it is possible to find a primitive version in the murals of ancient Egypt dating to 3500 BC, and footwear used only by the upper classes.

Learn to Walking in High Heels

Learn How To Do Beautiful Parading Around Without Falling From The Jump Some women face the high heels in a good way, while others find that keeping their balance a few inches longer is an almost impossible task. Every woman is able to walk and do beautiful without falling from the jump, just have a • Read More »

Miu Miu Shoes

With Some Crystals, You Leave The Shoes Beautiful And New Face The shoes are a true passion of women and certainly make the difference in the look. Different materials and textures, shine, colors and other details are key for women who like to be fashionable. And among the most wanted shoes are the Italian brand Miu Miu, • Read More »

The Damage that High Heels Can Cause to the Feet

Excessive Use Of Heeled Shoes Over 4 Inches In Height Can Cause Up To 5 Different Types Of Foot Injuries It’s amazing the sense of beauty and power that a high heel gives women. But what is not incredible is the pain that this shoe can cause after a day or a whole night of use. In addition • Read More »

Some Essential Tips to Wear Jumps

The Consultant Namie Wihby, Who Teaches Celebrities Walking In High Heels, Will Be In Curitiba In June To Teach A Workshop In Partnership With The Forum Models To get on the jump, you have to balance. And the maximum is a wide subject matter expert analysis Namie Wihby, who will be in Curitiba in June to • Read More »

Some Tricks to Make High Heels More Comfortable

The Designer Marissa Webb Shares His Top Secrets To Walk On Heels Without Pain If you have a question that every woman search for answer is: how to use high heels without the shoe “murder” our feet?Expert in these matters, the designer Marissa Webb told the site Who What Wear little secrets that every professional has up his sleeve.

How to Reduce the Effects of Excessive High-heeled Use

Learn How To Minimize The Damage Caused By Frequent High-Heeled Use Many of us have to wear high heels during several moments of life and there are still those who have to wear high heels every day, including to work. However, this excess use of high heels ends up causing some discomfort to the body and may end up causing • Read More »

Plus Size Over the Knee Boots with Heel

Overknee boots is as the name suggests a pair of long boots and Winter Jogging Boots is abbreviated as WJB according to, if the shaft goes to the knee and in some cases above. The boots originates from the 15th century, where they were used as riding boots for men to provide extra protection • Read More »