Germany Overview

Germany flag

According to Digopaul, Germany is Europe’s most populous country and has played a central role in the continent’s history. The country has a great cultural diversity, with both medieval cities or vibrant metropolises. Capital: Berlin Biggest city: Berlin State: Federal Republic of the European Union Language: German Religion: Christianity Surface: 357,021 km Population: 80.6 million (2013) Population density: 231 residents per km² Life expectancy: 79 years Illiteracy: 1% Currency: euro…

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Germany Population and Language

Germany Population and Language

The German people have emerged from a number of different Germanic peoples: Franks, Saxons, Bavarians, Swabians, Rhineans, Palatians and others. Germany is, second to Russia, Europe’s most populous state but its residents are unevenly distributed. The most densely populated areas are in the west and in the south: the Ruhr area, the Rhine-Main area around Frankfurt, the Rhine-Neckar area at Mannheim and Ludwigshafen, the region around Stuttgart and other metropolitan…

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Cologne Travel Guide

Cologne Altstadt (Old Town)

City Overview The media city of Cologne captivates visitors with its cultural diversity – just think of the famous carnival – but also with its 2000-year history and the most visited attraction in Germany, the Cologne Cathedral. Cologne is today the fourth largest city in Germany with over one million inhabitants. The location on the Rhine, in the heart of Germany, played a key role in Cologne’s status as the provincial…

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Attractions in Cologne

St Martin Church, Cologne

Attractions in Cologne Imhoff Chocolate Museum The museum is housed in a beautiful building on the Rhine and shows all possible details of the fascinating history of chocolate in an entertaining and educational way. The museum also has a production line that is in operation and opens into a chocolate fountain. Address: Rheinauhafen, Altstadt-Süd, Cologne Phone: (0221) 931 88 80 Opening times: Open Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Open on…

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Berlin Travel Guide

Reichstag (Parliament), Berlin

Berlin City Overview Berlin’s flair is unique. It results from the diverse neighborhoods, the modern life in Germany’s capital city, the historical places, the Berlin snout and the multitude of cultural, entertainment and leisure activities. Berlin is also a city with a lot of historical charm. The former East Berlin in particular offers numerous sights, including the magnificent architecture of the Museum Island or the famous avenue “Unter den Linden”. The Tiergarten, the…

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Hotels in Berlin

Brandenburg Gate at night, Berlin, Germany

Since the reunited Berlin has become the capital of Germany, the number of hotel rooms has doubled due to increasing demand. The market for business travelers in particular was served. It is advisable to make reservations well in advance, especially if you are looking for an inexpensive hotel. Luxurious (over € 200) Moderate ( € 100 to € 200) Inexpensive (up to € 100). This is the minimum price for a double room with…

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Events in Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

Six day races The elite of track racing meet at the popular six-day race in the Velodrome. The competitions take place between 12 to 15 teams of two. Date: January 23, 2020 – January 28, 2020 Place: Velodrom, Berlin Website: Admission: With admission fee. International dance festival The international dance festival Tanzolymp takes place every year in the Stage Theater on Potsdamer Platz . National and international dancers from private and state schools worldwide take…

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Restaurants in Berlin

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin may not be the non plus ultra for gourmets, but not least because of its great versatility and low prices, it can definitely compete with its international rivals. Although there are not as many celebrity chefs here as elsewhere, the numerous unique restaurants and innovative concepts always make up for this. The following restaurants are divided into three categories: Expensive (over € 50) Moderate ( € 25 to € 50) Inexpensive (up…

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Attractions in Berlin

Old and new German houses, Berlin

Attractions in Berlin Centrum Judaicum – New Synagogue This synagogue, completed in 1866 in the heart of the Scheunerviertel, Berlin’s Jewish quarter, was considerably damaged in the hail of bombs in 1943. After the reconstruction in the mid-nineties, the Moorish-style dome of the synagogue can still be admired in its original splendor. The Jewish Center with its exhibition rooms is also housed in the New Synagogue. The Old Jewish Cemetery at Schönhauser…

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Munich Travel Guide

View from Marienplatz, Munich

City Overview Munich is north of the Bavarian Alps on the Isar and combines proud provincialism with international glamour. The old town is the heart of Munich. It is the center of cultural life, rich in sights and a political center for Munich and Bavaria. Not only Munich’s landmark, the Frauenkirche, stands here, but also many other monumental buildings such as churches, the former royal residence, the old courtyard, the old and…

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