SuperSeries, Healthy Biscuits and Shoe for Running. The Best of Answers HowStuffWorks

We will give you a small overview of the section of HowStuffWorks replies. There you can leave your questions about training, nutrition and equipment, We are sure that more than one reader offers you a good advice or expertise. Today we are going to see several interesting questions, from how do legs superseries what shoes to buy to go running:

  • Those who exercise very early, as juanra120, They also need to eat before going to train. This reader asked us what to eat before going to train at seven in the morning if you are in phase of volume.
  • The superseries are a good method of training, patricia100 you want to help you with some ideas to make superseries of buttocks and legs.
  • Cookies, the truth, do not enjoy very good press. TO ADRIQ She loves and you’d like that you dieseis examples of healthy cookies: brand, type, where to buy.
  • The world of running shoes is very broad. arenanas you are considering buying sneakers, in particular ones Nike 5.0, has anyone tried them and can give you information?
  • There are many varieties and types of protein shakes, so many that it is hard deciding on one. TO david_ae24 I would like to begin to be supplemented with protein and want to know what kind of protein shake take.