Summer 08 Collection in Athletic Shoes LV (II)

As we mentioned the other day, Louis Vuitton bet strong this summer by the comfort, sport clothing, quality always but with a more youthful point. Because the Deluxe also has a rebellious age, as evidenced by the boots, the classic with the Monogram or multicolored. Calfskin and a few sides that remember you another emblem of LV: edges are equal to the trunks of travel. A vintage air will cover your feet. By the way, the laces Brown boot you can combine them, pink or red.

The classic t-shirts, sneakers, athletic shoes with the best quality, comfort and, of course, with the luxury of the multicolor monogram LV.

The more colorful model It has lamb skin perforated to improve breathability. It has decorations of Ribbon grogen and truly eye-catching laces, sole and stitching details.

All willing to practice tennis, paddle tennis, golf, walk, stroll through a port, by mountain… always with the more urban sporty style and comfort and quality of the French firm.