The best beaches in Split

Split is one of Croatia’s oldest cities dating back to the first centuries AD. The city is located in the province of Dalmatia and is one of the most visited cities on the sea coast of Croatia. With a population of just over 200,000 people, Split can offer a combination of big city and holiday tranquility, which attracts very many tourists every year.

For those who want to sunbathe and swim, Split is an ideal destination. There are beautiful sandy beaches both centrally and a bit further away from the city. The most central beach is Bacvice where both locals and tourists gather every day during the summer. A large part of the city’s entertainment life takes place here, and since the beach has clean water and is shallow, it is particularly suitable for families with children.


Bene Beach is the easiest to get to by bus. The reason why this beach has become so popular is, among other things, that it is shallow and child – friendly, but also because there is the opportunity to practice other activities, such as tennis. There are also playgrounds and forest areas if you want to cool off in the shade.

One of Croatia’s and all of Europe’s most beautiful and famous beaches is Brela and is located about 45 kilometers outside Split. It is also easiest to get here by bus. Brela consists of several different small beaches along several bays, and is completely invisible from the road.

If you are eager to shop, Split is known for its outdoor markets where you can get local food products such as oil, wine and cheese. In the Mormontova district there is a fish market which is well worth a visit in the morning and in the morning. If you have the opportunity to cook during your stay, it is almost a must to buy raw materials from here.

As Split is a relatively small city on the surface, it is excellent to get around on foot. The city is largely built around the palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian from the 200s, and closest to the palace is the Old Town with its small picturesque alleys and very old buildings.

For those who are interested in sailing, Split is a real paradise. Outside the city are several small islands that are easy to get to by sailboat. If you do not want to sail yourself, there are also good ferry connections from the city. Some of the most visited islands are Hvar, Brac and Vis.

When it comes to housing, there are several good options in the city. If you want to live centrally, there are both hotels in the Old Town and the opportunity to rent a room as a resident of a family.
If you want to live outside the absolute center, the Veli Varos district is a district with buildings from the 18th century where there is a calmer atmosphere. At the same time, you have walking distance to shopping and entertainment in central Split.
The beach resort of Podstrava is only 7 kilometers outside Split, and is a good alternative if you want to live in a place outside the city itself, but still have the opportunity to get to the center by bus or car.

Split is truly one of Croatia’s most versatile and popular destinations well worth a visit.

The best beaches in Split

The best beaches in Split

Split has plenty to explore and in recent years this Croatian resort has completely exploded with tourism and joy. In addition to sights such as Diocletian’s Palace and the crazy Froggyland with stuffed frogs in human situations, Dalmatia’s beauty also has several beaches to offer.
One must really also mention that Split has an incomparably beautiful archipelago for those who want to sail. There are many sailing trips that take you to Split and where you can rent a boat with or without a crew in a smaller or larger group.


Bačvice is Split’s most famous beach and a real paradise for locals and tourists. The beach is only 10 minutes on foot from Split’s inner city center and is easy to reach to take a dip whenever you wish. Bačvice is not only for the public during the day, but as the evening approaches, the sun loungers turn into bar stools and the bikini-clad ladies wear high heels and the men a nice shirt. There is thus a party and restaurants, bars and restaurants are completely overcrowded.
The beach in general is very child-friendly and there are also fun trampolines for the children to jump on when the sand gets too dull or hot.


An alternative to the larger Bačvice is the second slightly smaller beach, Ovcice which is located in a bay after the first sandy beach. Ovcice is also a very popular bathing spot and those who want to rent sunbeds should get up early in the morning. It will also be very full later in the day and as the beach is relatively small, you may be crowded during the high season. Here, however, it is very shallow and child – friendly and the beach also has a genuine view of the horizon.

The castle

If you want to combine sunbathing with show and fun, you should go to Kastelet. There, the beach is transformed into an “outdoor disco” with light shows and partying until the sun’s rays reappear. However, the beach is of a smaller nature and many prefer the larger Bačvice which is not far away. Walk here or take the bus, Kastelet is about 25 minutes on foot from the center of Split.

Kašjuni Beach

At the foot of Marjan Hill there is a beach that is extra pet friendly if you were traveling with a dog. It’s called Kajuni Beach and has a dog bathing area. Not only that, each jycke also has access to its own sun umbrella with a cute doggy as an advertising pillar on it. Do not leave the dog at home or in the hotel in the heat. Here you can let him or her enjoy the holiday as much as you do.

Remember to bring a packed lunch here and good shoes as it is rocky and the beach does not offer a café nearby.

Žnjan beach

This beach is located about 5 km outside Split and the best way to get here is by bus. The beach is rocky, as are many beaches in Croatia, but it consists of several cute coves that make it extra unique. The other positive thing about Žnjan is that there are many cafes and restaurants here. It is also located near the port of Zenta, if you want to take a look at the nice boats.