Smiles, Looks, Shoes, Necklines and Details That Left Us with The Golden Globes, 2012

What we like in the end the important red carpets. Note that the Golden Globes is the first of the year and as such we look at all the possible details of it. Apart from the best or worst dresses we look at those shoes hidden in the meantime long dress, those necklines impossible, gestures, looks, details of the looks… the red carpet closely and with other eye.

On the red carpet of the Golden Globes were all. Some attracted the gaze of cameras with nothing usual poses, as Piper Perabo.

While others gave rise to the phrase “ style does not have age ” as Belinda Montgomery.

One of smiles

There are the perfect smile, well know by the actresses and the dentists of these.

Ah, no, wait, that there are people who are not scheduled to smile. Rooney Salander is one of them.

There is also time for looks accomplices between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

The sexiest backs

On the red carpet brought together a number of backs freed from any dress. Very sexy backs, like Heidi Klum.

Taste for the silver of Claire Danes.

Or Nicole Richie.

The cross design of Zooey Deschanel, whose hair came to life.

Or already directly with a back almost entirely for free Kathleen Robertson.

Then we are the plays of transparencies that Lea Michele wanted to risk a bit of Marchesa.

Taste for necklines

Many types of dresses and necklines in the Golden Globes with too many errors and bad taste by some, offset by others as Viola Davis, correct with an asymmetrical design.

Who is worth, vale. A deep v-shaped neckline is not suitable for all, clear that if we are talking about Charlize Theron are big words.

The option of a dress will always be word of honor as of Paula Patton.

Or in heart as of Rainey Qualley.

Better than stuff like Madonna and get to ask for Word of mouth.

Or as Salma Hayek, capable of lowering large dresses in order to highlight charms.

Sofia Vergara preferred to control this important detail well.

Others, like Kate Beckinsale preferred to take air in order to go more mona (or not…).

Nicole Kidman is always worth point and apart.

Taste for the details

In an event such as the Golden Globes cares everything to the maximum. That you told but Emma Stone belt.

Who don’t like sequins for the party? To Nancy or ’ Dell sí.

Although for spectacular dress the of Evan Rachel Wood Gucci. More and more layers, as well as feathers.

It must look good either way. Georgina Chapman Choose the path of Golden beads and crystals.

Julie Bowen It is more restrained and crystals and small pearls for sleeves.

Dianna Agron prefers the punching of Giles Deacon.

In short distances many dresses more than gain in the shots.

Show me your shoes!

With a red carpet by imposing long dress as a label is not easy to see What are the shoes of the famous. Thank goodness that Charlize Theron he opted for a short design of Dior through which we could see these Sandals from Givenchy White (prepare).

Angelina Jolie She complemented her Atelier Versace with some peep toes generous heel cream.

Katharine McPhee you have opted to directly cut the length of your dress thanks to which let us see more classic shoes in color nude of Christian Louboutin.

The brilli-brilli also arrived at the foot, specifically to the of Sharon Osbourne.

What is your tattoo?

So back to the air leaves to light the tattoos of the famous. Angelina Jolie takes advantage with a few to look.

Evan Rachel Wood is not far behind with a hidden heart and two phrases on the back.

Although the award for the most colorful tattoo takes it Kate Mestitz.

And so we say goodbye until next year looking forward to some new Golden Globes. Come, the duckling.


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