Slippers ‘Neon’ of Opening Ceremony, Colorful in Your Shoes

If makes little you showed them colorful for our footwear of the hand of Lacoste, now you touches the shift to the signature American Opening Ceremony, He has tried to bring joy and excitement on the soles of our shoes. And it has done so in the hands of the firm Pro-Keds to launch her new slippers baptized as Neon and that like its predecessors, opt for the pastel colors.

If we were to compare them with another type of shoe, we could say that are like the famous victory although its price does not resemble them by no means, coming from about 100 euros, a price that does not deserve since then. Because the shoe is fabric, white shoe laces white. The only difference is that the colors tend to be neon, hues not found in the Victories.

But aside from that, little more truth. If needless it money and deserve it, although by very good that they are for my 100 euros are excessive.