Drenthe, Netherlands

The lively province of Drenthe lies between the provinces of Gelderland and Groningen. The alternation between fascinating museums, beautiful and extensive nature parks and historical sights such as the dozens of dolmens ensure that there is something to do or experience for everyone. In any case, the Emmen animal park provides fun for both young and old. Another attraction is the Westerbork camp. A sad part of our history is highlighted here. You will also find the oldest canoe in the world and the best racing circuit in this fascinating part of the Netherlands.

Top 10 things to do in Drenthe

#1. Dolmens

According to e Country Facts, Drenthe is well known for its many megalithic tombs that are scattered here and there over the landscapes. Another frequently mentioned name for these stone structures is also Dolmen. Often there are a number of huge stones standing upright on which a flat copy is placed. Often the entrance is on the south side. The dolmens were most likely used as burial chambers in the New Stone Age. The largest hunebed can be found near Borger. It can be found next to the Hunebedcentrum.

#2. Drents Museum

The Drents Museum is located in the city of Assen. This is the most important museum in the province of Drenthe. Here you can find a lot about the prehistory and other things worth knowing about this region. The story of the girl of Yde is also told. The body of this 16-year-old girl was found in 1897. Research has shown that the girl lived between 54 BC. and 128 AD. ch. You can also see bones from Mammoths and objects from Neanderthals.

#3. Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen

Do you want to admire animals in the most natural environment possible? Then you have to be at the Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen in Drenthe. This is the totally renewed version of Noorden Dierenpark Emmen, which was founded in 1935 by Willem Oosting. Anyone who visits Wildlands Adventure Zoo Emmen will sometimes have to give his or her eyes a good look. Just like with a real safari you sometimes have to look for the animals present. They have been given a place in this beautiful zoo, mainly on the basis of habitat. Serenga, for example, is dominated by dry plains and Nortica is the area that represents the colder parts of our planet.

#4. Camp Westerbork

A not so beautiful piece of history can be found in Camp Westerbork, near the town of Hooghalen. Although the park has had multiple functions such as a refugee camp and military camp, it became best known as a Jewish transit camp during World War II. From here thousands of Jews were deported to extermination camps. The last prisoners were liberated by the Canadian army on April 12 in 1945. More about this piece of history is told in the Remembrance Center.

#5. shafts

Most car racing enthusiasts mention the place Assen in the same breath as the TT Assen. The fastest motorcycle races in our country are held every year on the Assen circuit. The first race in Assen was held in 1925. Only this was not on the circuit, but along the villages on cobblestone roads. The current circuit opened in 1955.

Assen is of course much more than a race track. It is the capital of the province of Drenthe. Assen has a number of sights such as the Drents Museum, the Joseph Church and the statue of Bartje. Furthermore, Assen, together with Emmen, is one of the better cities in Drenthe to go shopping. Between the well-known retail chains you will find a large number of local shops where you can browse and buy.

#6. National parks

Drenthe has three large National Parks. The 61 km² National Park Drents-Friese Wold with villages such as Appelscha and Wapse. The Dwingelderveld National Park is slightly smaller. This park has a small 37 km². A special feature of this park is the elevated footpath and the number of fens. And the third park is the National stream and esdorpen landscape Drentsche Aa. No fewer than 16 villages can be found on more than 100 km².

#7. Coevorden Castle

The only castle in the province of Drenthe can be found near Coevorden. Coevorden Castle was built around 1024 as a fortress for civil servants. Later in 1522 it was rigorously rebuilt and adapted. After that it was used as a hospital, governor’s house and as a town hall. Today the castle is used as a hotel, restaurant and party venue, including weddings.

#8. Canoe from Pesse

According to many, the oldest boat in the world can be admired in our Drenthe town Pesse. The wooden canoe is said to have been made between 8200 and 7600 BC. The canoe was found in 1955 in a sunken riverbed. It is said to have been made from a hollowed-out trunk of a conifer species. The boat can be admired in the Drents Museum in Assen.

#9. Berend Botje

Many Dutch people can sing along to the children’s song ‘Berend Botje went out sailing..’. The origin of this song is less well known. There are several stories about who has now symbolized Berend Botje. The statue can in any case be found in Zuidlaren in a shed of the Molenmuseum De Wachter. A replica of the statue is located at Stationsweg in Zuidlaren.

#10. Zuidlaardermarkt

Many horse lovers visit this very famous horse market in Zuidlaren every year. Since the year 1200 horses have been traded on the Zuidlaardermarkt. Even people from neighboring countries such as Poland, Italy and Denmark visit the Zuidlaardermarkt with some regularity. In addition to the horses, other animals and goods are also sold. The market has a length of about four kilometers.

Drenthe, Netherlands