Show Me Your Shoe and I’Ll Tell You What Day of The Week Is

I don’t know how or in what When reached Monday, but here we are, premiering a work week again. I broken toes so many dance, nightlife and non-stop from here to there. Every day is different and our feet know it, so every day deserves a different shoe. I am able to know what day of the week is with just download the look at the shoes…


Monday means oxford. Dress shoes, without heels (leniency please!) that give us the touch dandy we are looking for, but in a way simple and effective. A good way to start the week with class and comfort.


Tuesdays my feet are still without being recovered, therefore the flat sole It is so important. Don’t want to see the light of the Sun but they want to modernize, Here are the spoils. They are a good way to break with the classic and continue to be fashionable (and correct).


Why not start to? prepare our feet for what is coming? In this particular ecuador best thing is to pamper your feet with comfortable shoes but open. So van picking up color and are prepared for what awaits them.


Thursday, and for my these is better to call them juernes. To almost touching on Friday, feet well deserves get prepared, rested and for all kinds of trot, so maybe are some ugly shoes so that the foot is perfectly comfortable. You don’t know what to expect…


No way! Without knowing or how or when We are Friday. This is to celebrate and our feet are engalan heels to be able to be all night dancing.


Saturday also out, so the heels remain on the preferences for dress up our part of the body so precious.


Sunday they can no more. At least my feet are waste human (wherewith) from there to the athletic shoes most comfortable that I have in the closet are the protagonists.

Do you have on? has this list for your week?

Photos | Camille over the rainbow

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