Shoes with Laces Semi-Automatic (Project)

On the platform Kickstarter all types of devices are advertised in search of funding to be developed and launched into the market. This time it caught my attention Powerlace, a sports shoe with a cords that conform without any knots or use hands, almost automatically.

No, they are not as the robocordones of back to the future II, but system is simple, fast to use and, according to its designers, is realizadón with highly resistant materials to endure years and years of fasten and unfasten shoes.

You must first set the loop voltage so that you will be comfortable. Then it is as simple as Ponte shoes and begin to walk. The system uses the tension adjustment which you defined to tighten the laces and that you don’t have to worry about anything more. To remove the shoes simply press the heel mechanism to relax the tension of the cords and that you can get the foot comfortably.

Are not a technical shoe for advanced athletes, but simply a simple sports shoes thought for the day to day or for general activities, being ease of use their main trump card. It occurs to me that it may be of great use for example for persons with problems in mobility hands by an injury or disability, or also for older people.

This kind of ideas that are now so futuristic may be something everyday for a few years, which would facilitate people with difficulty to manipulate or crouch wearing the shoes sport, something favorable to improving integration and promote sports for all people.

What do you think of invention?