Shoes with GPS and Bluetooth, Ideal for Hikers

As it could not be otherwise, the technology has come to the slippers, creating the Blue GPS shoes, It includes a receiver GPS and connectivity Bluetooth so you can update your position and make it known to your friends when you want it.

New high-tech sneakers use mobile phone and your Bluetooth to connect to the Facebook profile and update the position where we are, and if you don’t have Facebook, can send up to 5 SMS messages per day to the selected contacts. They are something special footwear to which there is to find the utility, perhaps special for hikers living in the mountains.

It may be useful to monitor the travel we do or to register our rewarding positions in a long way by nature and thus return to run it.

Truth, you must find the utility to this pair of sneakers that are available for a price of $150. I just think it may be interesting and valuable for hikers and lovers of nature that they don’t want to lose the trail or walks fun and rewarding.