Shoes Adidas Honey: a Risky Bet Unisex

Now that you get good weather and the houses have take out their new products to show off this Spring/Summer 2009 We have two options: either create a new design and risk that either succeed badly or well to that, similarly, will fail. Therefore, the other less risky and certainly easier option is bet on a formula that it has already had success in its time and reshape it, give a new air and adapt it to the new trends of the season. And that is what has made Adidas

It has decided to update its classic models and give them a modern twist and vanguardistico, with colors and current combinations and the best materials to turn them into a clear comfortable spring option. But in addition, interestingly with these shoes, it has had an unforeseen effect and is that, despite being aimed at a female audience, it has managed to become a space within the male audience astonishingly.

Your new model Honey, in theory it was predestined to serve the girls who like basketball. High, with a strong, flexible rubber sole and good traction … but not only has become a product requested by girls whatever your hobby (which obviously does not have to include the) Basketball) but that also are also a good number of boys who risk being with them and try to modernize his wardrobe a bit. That Yes, not all the male audience just to convince them.

Without a doubt, the Plaid You are made of which makes the shoe does not pass unnoticed to anyone, effect that is precisely what looks for the Adidas brand, this time without losing elegance and good dress, although that no longer depends on much of it, but the person carrying them over. The combinations chromatic are quite varied and may find them together with Red, pink, blue and white to fit wearing different clothing, and get a sporty look and very urban.

Is your price? quite affordable, between 40 and 60 eurillos.