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San Marino is a republic located on the Apennine Peninsula in southern Europe, completely surrounded by Italy. With an area of ​​61 square kilometers, the country is one of the world’s smallest independent states and one of Europe’s microstates.

Capital: San Marino
Biggest city: San Marino
State: republic
Language: Italian
Religion: catholicism
Surface: 61 km
Population: 32,400 (2013)
Population density: 493 residents per km²
Life expectancy: 81 years
Illiteracy: 4%
Currency: euro (EUR)
1 euro = 9.76 kr
GDP per capita: $ 41,900 (2010)
Time difference: +0 hours
Electricity: 220 V AC, 50Hz
National Day: September 3
Country area code: 378
2-Letter country abbreviation: SM (See more abbreviations on Abbreviationfinder)
Business: service sector 58%, industry 40%, agriculture 2%
Climate: temperate; mild winters and hot summers

San Marino flag

San Marino is the only remaining of the city-states that existed in Italy in the Middle Ages. In 301, Saint Marinus fled from the Roman emperor and founded San Marino on the inaccessible Titanic cliff. Thus, San Marino would be the world’s oldest still existing republic.

The country was long surrounded and dominated by the Vatican Church State, which, however, in 1631 recognized the republic’s local right of self-determination. The state was recognized at the Congress of Vienna in 1815 and in connection with the unification of Italy in 1862 a “treaty of friendship and peaceful coexistence” was signed with the Italian government. In doing so, San Marino managed to maintain its independence.

The country is in currency union with Italy and therefore has the euro as its currency. Of the working population, 1 per cent are employed in agriculture, 42 per cent in industry and 57 per cent in the service sector. The most important service sectors consist of banking and tourism. Tourism contributes more than 50 percent of the country’s GDP.


The following objects in San Marino are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The year in which the item was added to the list is indicated in parentheses.

  • The historic center of the city of San Marino and Mount Titan (2008)


Weather in San Marino

Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Christmas Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average temperature °C 3 4 7 11 15 19 22 22 18 13 8 5
Day °C 5 7 9 14 19 23 26 26 22 16 11 7
Night °C 0 1 4 7 11 15 17 18 15 10 6 2
Rain (mm) 42 44 55 62 65 54 47 58 75 80 77 58

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According to Countryaah, San Marino is the capital of the Republic of San Marino. The city has 4,493 residents and is located along the western slope of Mount Titano. The city is the third largest in the country, the largest is Dogana and the second largest is Borgo Maggiore, which is also the country’s commercial center.

San Marino is also its own municipality and borders the municipalities of Acquaviva, Borgo Maggiore, Fiorentino and Chiesanuova, as well as the Italian municipality of San Leo.